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Country Singer Chris Stapleton Says He Now Realizes America is Evil

WATCH: Rapper Slams Black Lives Matter: ‘NOT Our Movement’– It’s George Soros’ Plan

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Demands People Wear Masks, Then Seen Romping Beach Without One

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EXONERATED! Feds Drop Case Against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Coronavirus Snitches in Missouri Suddenly Realize Their Names Open to Records Request

L.A. Lakers, Worth $4.6 Billion, Took More Than $4 Million in Coronavirus Relief Funds

OUTRAGEOUS: New York Officials Ordered Paramedics Not to Resuscitate Cardiac Patients Because of the Coronavirus

New York City Added 4,000 People Who Never Tested Positive to Coronavirus Death Toll

Bill Clinton Admits Using Monica Lewinsky as a Sex Toy for ‘Pressure Release’

Conservative Areas in Six States are Seeking to Secede from Blue Control

Illinois Makes Itself a Joke Again, Spends $23 Million for ‘Lincoln Hat’ He Never Owned

Media Delete Stories Attacking Trump Over Immigrant Kids After Realizing Numbers Were Obama’s

U.S. Islamist Group Plans 30 New Muslim Members of Congress

Did Tom Arnold Break Twitter Rules with Alleged Sexual Harassment of Diamond & Silk with No Repercussions?

Report: Utah GOP Furious with Anti-Trump Mitt Romney’s Impeachment Fever

Chick-fil-A Shutters Only UK Location in Face of LGBTQ Protests

Report: Ukraine Donated More Cash to Bill and Hillary Than ANY Nation on Earth

Liberals Boo Testimony of Mom Whose Son was Murdered by Migrant

Liberals Are Lying. James Comey Absolutely Did Leak Classified Information

Climate Change Alarmist Suffer Another Blow — Data Proves U.S. Hasn’t Warmed Since 2005

IRS Employee Pleads Guilty to Giving Michael Cohen’s Confidential Info to Michael Avenatti

Robert Mueller, Superstar

Report: FBI Agents Retrieved Secret Memo At Comey’s House AFTER He Was Fired

Rat-Infested Baltimore Got $16 BILLION in Federal Aid Money… WHERE Did It All Go?

Dershowitz: Open Letter to The New Yorker Exposes False Allegations

Democrats and Media Have Been Calling Baltimore a Sh**hole for Years

Dem. Rep. Ted Lieu Claims Somebody ‘Got’ to Robert Mueller

Report: James Comey Lied, Was Investigating while Telling Trump There Was No Investigation

Another Hate Crime Hoax: Black Georgia Lawmaker Admits She Lied About White Attacker

Spygate: FBI Research Knew 90% Of Steele Dossier False Or Unverifiable By Early 2017

Republicans Are Right: Defense Department Must Delay Massive Cronyism at Amazon

Black Lives Matter Activist Shaun King Suddenly Deletes Tweets Praising Tacoma Terrorist

Famously Anti-Trump New York Pastor Fired by Church After Sex Toy-Buying Spree

Qatar Using Italy To Abuse US: Government Money Warps Everything Everywhere

Medicare Is $38 Trillion In The Red – And Other Reasons Government Should Never Run Anything