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Video Proof Of Nathan Phillips Lying By Saying Was Vietnam Vet

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Texas Democrat Resigns as Mayor After Being Caught Using City Funds on Michelle Obama Tickets

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State Dept. Signed Off On Thousands Of Child Bride Requests Since 2007

Democrats Go on Luxurious Puerto Rican Vacation as Federal Workers Go Without Pay

Florida’s New GOP Gov. FINALLY Fires Sheriff Scott Israel for Massive Parkland Massacre Failure

If It’s Broken: Raise the Hood and Fix It

From the first Bush Presidency, 9-11, Barack Obama, to Gender Confusion, Decades of Destruction of America from Within

Black Firefighter Candidate Sues to Get Job After Failing Physical THREE Times

‘Charity’ Run by Group of Black New York Democrats Didn’t Give a Dime to Needy Kids

GAO Report Shows Govt. Agencies Like IRS and NIH Are Heavily Armed, WHY?

OUTRAGEOUS: New York City Debuts Muslim Sharia Patrol Squad Cars in Muslim Neighborhoods

Are Russia, Iran, and Syria Headed for an End-Time Meltdown?

James Comey Lies About Shutdown Payroll, Gets Smacked Around On Twitter

NYC Fire Marshall Alleges City Covered Up Fire Death to Shield Edward Norton Film Project

Mueller’s Witch Hunt has Wasted $25.2 Million Tax Dollars So Far

Chicago Dems Get Caught Red-Handed Committing Election Fraud

Lefty ‘Fact Checker’ Snopes Claims False Left-Wing Attack on Trump is ‘True,’ Backtracks When Caught

Feds Have Wasted $27 Million of Our Taxes on Free Gifts to Illegals After Deportation Home

Obama OK’d $310 Million In Free Legal Advice To Immigrants… Against Federal Law

The FBI is FINALLY Getting Rid of Obama’s Corrupt Officials

Family Said Airlines Left Disabled Mother in Airport Overnight, But Video Shows Something VERY Different

The Deep State Plan to Remove Trump: The War has Begun, and the Deep State is Winning Battles