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Chicago Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Fired After Spitting Slimy Mucus in Cop’s Coffee

Former Democrat Congressman Charged With Ballot Stuffing, Bribery & Obstruction

Brooklyn: Toddler Shot And Killed While At Family Cookout

City Charges Couple With A Hate Crime For Painting Over Black Lives Matter Mural

Black Lives Matter Rioters Destroy Portland’s 102-Year-Old Monument to… a Moose?

Portland: Antifa, BLM Attack Police Precinct, Sets It On Fire, Throw Glass Bottles At Cops

Are States Going To Prosecute Their Rioters?

Black Businesswoman Slams Rioters: ‘You Don’t Care About Black Lives’

Looters Pick the Wrong Gun Shop to Loot, Owner Lights Them Up

Hypocrite ESPN Writer Tweets ‘Burn It All Down,’ Changes Tune When Rioters Get to HIS Neighborhood

Prisoners Released to ‘Save Them’ from Coronavirus Go On to Commit More Crimes, Including Murder

Calf. Releases Crook to Save Him from Coronavirus — He Strangles Child Ten Minutes Later

Woman Who Claimed Trump Told Her Husband to Eat Fish Tank Cleaner Now Investigated for Murder Plot

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Escapes Drive-By Shooting ‘Grateful for God’s Protection’

Man Who Recorded Himself Licking Things at Walmart Arrested

Pandemonium: Thief Smashes Car Window in Oregon Just to Steal Toilet Paper

Former McDonald’s Employee Set to Stand Trial for Spitting on Cop’s Food

Another Hate Crime Hoax: Black College Student Lies About Racists Beating Her

Hate Crime Hoax: Black Woman Arrested for Carving ‘White Pride’ Graffiti at Tenn. Store

Illinois Supreme Court Deals Blow to Hate Crime Hoaxer Jussie Smollett

‘I Hate White People’: Black Portland Woman Arrested for Attacking Whites at Bus Stop

Adult Ohio Woman Arrested for Repeatedly Calling Police when Parents Cancel Her Cell Phone Plan

Colorado Girl Dies After Mom Lets Toddler Drink Meth-Laced Bong Water

Political Terrorism: Union Member Slams Van Through Florida GOP Recruiting Tent

WATCH: Vicious Gang of Black Teens Sneak Attacks White Man on Chicago Train

HOAX: Now We Know Who Wrote ‘Fuc*ing Pig’ on Police Officer’s McDonald’s Order

Joe Biden Called Texas Law that Saved Lives in Church Shooting ‘Irrational’

Liberal Murders His Wife, Posts Twitter Attack on NRA and Trump as Last Act

Woman Arrested After Punching Someone for Saying ‘Merry Christmas’

CBS Producer Claims Network ‘Retaliated’ When She Reported Harassment

Muslim Rep. Who Attacked Christian Prayer Charged with Stealing from Children’s Charity

Indiana Church Graffiti: Another Fake ‘Hate Crime’ Busted

Cyber Shopping Alert: 90,000 Packages Disappear from the Mail Every Day in New York City Alone

Black Friday Shoppers Erupt in Brawls All Across the Country

Democrat Staffer Gets Jail Time for Beating Trump Supporter

Anti-Fur Zealot Arrested for Stabbing Woman for Wearing Furry Boots