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Ohio Family Outraged Their Sibling Was Shot Dead While Attempting An Armed Robbery

Minnesota Woman Charged with Smashing Car Windows while Wearing Joker Mask

Immigrant Accused of Murdering Homeless Men Arrested in New York

Florida Woman Arrested After Police Find 24 Pipe Bombs in Her Room

Anti-Trump Actor Robert De Niro Accused of Sexually Harassing Co-Worker

Amber Guyger Trial: Brother of Murdered Botham Jean Shocks Court by Hugging, Forgiving Killer

California Man Arrested for Attacking Man in Trump MAGA Hat

NYPD Nabs Suspect Seen on Video Sucker Punching Elderly Woman

Police Arrest LA’s ‘Sexy Vegan’ for ‘Inappropriate Conduct’ with His Dog

Man Who Drove SUV Though Chicago Shopping Mall Charged with Terrorism

Proof the Fake Case Against Gen. Michael Flynn was Just Way to ‘Get’ Trump

Man Smashes SUV Through Chicago Shopping Mall Doors, Terrorizes Shoppers with Drive Through

Nine People Shot in D.C. Despite ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban and Strict Gun Laws

Police Arrest 104 for Child Sex Trafficking, Including Church Official and ER Doctor

Ex-NFL Player Arrested for Vandalizing His Own Business with ‘MAGA’ and Racist Slurs

Liberals Boo Testimony of Mom Whose Son was Murdered by Migrant

Rep. Nunes: There Is Evidence to Bring Criminal Conspiracy Charges Against James Comey

SHAME: Court Tosses Conviction of Criminal Illegal Who Killed Kate Steinle

BREAKING: Justice Dept. Affirms James Comey Violated FBI Policy with Secret Memos of Trump Meetings

FBI, IRS Raid United Auto Worker President’s Home in Massive Corruption Case

New Information on the Video Camera Outside Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Cell

Liberal Creeps Arrested for Beating Man in MAGA Hat on Date Night with Wife

Man Tries to Rob Woman in Chicago, She Beats the Snot Out of Him

San Francisco Banishes ‘Convicted Felon’ Because ‘Justice-Involved Person’ Sounds Nicer

HOSTAGE DRAMA in Rio De Janeiro: 37 People Held Hostage by Armed Gunman

Woman Guilty of Animal Abuse for Pulling Alligator Out of Her Pants During Traffic Stop

UPDATE: Watch Antifa Storm Portland In Violent Clash With Bystanders and Counter-Protestors

17-Year-Old GA High School Student Threatens To ‘Shoot Up School’ After Kicking Asst Principal (Video)

NYPD Investigating ‘Pressure Cooker’ Devices Found in Subway Station

Florida Man Arrested After Threatening Physical Violence at an Elementary School Displaying Patriotism

Woman Arrested for Mass Shooting Threats at Elementary School

Let the Blame Game Commence: Attacker Fires Shots Into San Antonio ICE Office

FBI Agents Raid Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged ‘Pedophile Island’ In the Carribean

‘Washington Post’ Blasted for Misleading List of Americans Killed in Mass Murders

A Series of Strange Coincidences Occurred in Jail Before Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself

WATCH: Al Sharpton Heckled by Baltimore Residents: ‘Go Back to New York!’