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Massachusetts Judge Who Helped Illegal Alien Escape Turns Down Plea Deal

Texas Woman Shoots And Kills Home Invader

Serial Stalker Who’s Made Previous Violent Threats Against Women Threatens to ‘Kill as many girls as I see’(UPDATED)

Feds Indict WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Under Espionage Act

Muslim Hamas Supporter Arrested For Threats To Blow Up Trump Tower, Israeli Embassy

New Jersey Man Losses Job After Being Charged with Urinating on Memorial for 9-Year-Old Boy

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti Indicted for Defrauding Porn Star of $200K

Beer Co. Advocates Hitting Conservatives Over The Head With Bricks

Loretta Lynch Says James Comey Lied About The ‘Matter’

Liberal Maryland ‘Sanctuary City’ Rules Released MS-13 Gangsters Who Then Murdered a Girl

New Jersey Man Arrested and Charged with Urinating on Memorial for 9-Year-Old Boy

Obama’s Super-Spy Computer System, ‘The Hammer,’ Allowed Obama to Spy on Trump

Serial Killer: Illegal Alien Charged With Killing 12 Elderly Women, Possibly HUNDREDS More

Three MS-13 Members Arrested In Brutal Murder Of 14 Year Old Girl

Elderly Man Pushed Off Bus By Woman He Told To Be “Nicer” Dies From Injuries

Shooters in Colorado School Were Transgender, Trump-Hating, Democrats Who Love Obama

Texas State University Releases Info On Arrests in Latest MAGA Hat Incident

Court Allows Injured Louisiana Cop to Sue Black Lives Matter and DeRay Mckesson

Democrat Mayor of Baltimore Resigns Over $800,000 in Fraudulent Book Sales

Rabbi Shot by Racist in Poway Shooting Annoys Liberals by Praising President Trump

3-Year-Old Girl Keeps Herself & Baby Brother Alive For 3 Days Following Parents’ Murder-Suicide

Illegal Deported 5 Times Brutally Murdered 4 Month Old Baby

BUSTED: Woman Who Dumped Puppies In Dumpster Arrested

Elderly Woman Arrested for Murdering Husband for Watching Porn

‘Not Exonerated’ Means ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’: Thank God We Live in a Republic!

Wisconsin Mother Of 7 Pleads Guilty To Plotting ISIS Terror Attacks

Two 14-Year-Old Florida Girls Charged with Planning to Murder Nine People

Daughter Rips Parents Before Life Sentence Imposed In Torture Of 13 Kids: ‘House Of Horrors’

Another Seattle Liberal Caught Beating Up Someone Over Politics

Teen Girl Rescued from Human Trafficker by State Trooper in Traffic Stop

Good Guy With A Gun: Texas Man Takes Out 5 Home Invaders with His AK-47

Black Man Wearing Donald Trump ‘MAGA’ Hat Beaten By Criminal Liberals

Father Accused Of Letting 1-Year-Old Burn To Death In Car Fire While Fleeing Cops

City of Chicago Formally Sues Jussie Smollett for Costs of Investigation

Liberals Are Lying to You: Trump WAS Spied On By Obama’s FBI

Barack Obama’s White House Counsel is First Dem. Indicted Over Mueller Probe