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Man Beaten by ‘Mob of Teens’ in New York for Wearing MAGA Hat

Trump WARNS Obama, Hillary and The Swamp, MANY Subpoenas Coming!

Antifa TERRORISTS Gearing Up for Siege on Southern Border, Flyers Show Dead ICE Agents

Chicago Gangs Gun Down Two Unarmed Moms Protesting Violence

Video Resurfaces of Black Kids Assaulting & Harassing White 3-Year-Old

Jeffrey Epstein Victoria’s Secret Victims Claim: ‘His Weapons Were His Hands’

Federal Death Penalty Reinstated: Meet The First 5 CHILD KILLERS Scheduled to Die

Mexico Sets Murder Rate Record, Up 5.3 Percent Over Last Year So Far

Thanks to Obama, Hezbollah is Still Smuggling Cocaine & Terrorists Across Our Southern Border

Philadelphia Neighborhood Rises Up and Beats Carjacker to Death After He Steals Car with Kids Inside

Jeffrey Epstein Is the Tip of the Iceberg: A Peek at What Is Coming

Andy Ngo, Portland Journalist Attacked by Antifa, Ready to Sue Attackers, City

Bill Clinton Buddy Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking of Children in Florida and New York

Disgusting! Liberals Doxx And Threaten To Kill ‘Mini AOC’

Liberals Threaten to Kill Little Girl Who Made Fun of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Feds Bust HUGE Gun-Running Gang Sending Guns Through U.S. Mail to South America

WATCH: Portland Video Shows Black Man Attacks and Breaks White Woman’s Jaw, Media Ignore Story

Why Did 11 American Tourists Die in Dominican Republic Over the Last Year?

Suspect Justifies Rape of White Woman ‘Because of Slavery’

The Case Against Paul Manafort Likely Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

State Department Finds 23 Violations, ‘Multiple Security Incidents’ with Hillary Emails

Pedophile Gets Beating of His Life After Trying to Kidnap 6-Year-Old

Dallas TX Police Chief Excuses Violent Felons Saying They are ‘Forced to Commit Violent Acts’

New York State Pays Out Over $60,000 for Registered Sex Offenders to Receive Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Stolen Valor: NYPD Officer Snags ‘Highly Decorated Douchebag’ on Memorial Day

Mayor Bill de Blasio Wants Teens Charged With Robbery, Assault Freed Without Bail

Another Hate Crime Hoax Busted: New Yorker Claims Attack by Homophobes, Turns Out HE was the Attacker

Massachusetts Judge Who Helped Illegal Alien Escape Turns Down Plea Deal

Texas Woman Shoots And Kills Home Invader

Serial Stalker Who’s Made Previous Violent Threats Against Women Threatens to ‘Kill as many girls as I see’(UPDATED)

Feds Indict WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Under Espionage Act

Muslim Hamas Supporter Arrested For Threats To Blow Up Trump Tower, Israeli Embassy

New Jersey Man Losses Job After Being Charged with Urinating on Memorial for 9-Year-Old Boy

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti Indicted for Defrauding Porn Star of $200K

Beer Co. Advocates Hitting Conservatives Over The Head With Bricks

Loretta Lynch Says James Comey Lied About The ‘Matter’