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Three Michigan Men Arrested For Conspiring To Support ISIS

Undocumented Immigrant is Suspected Serial Killer of 4 in Nevada

FISA Warrant Bombshell: Bruce Ohr Warned DOJ and FBI That Steele Dossier was Unverified and Paid for by Clinton

DEA Agent Sought, Charged with Helping Cartels Launder Money, Stealing Millions

Police Charge 30 ‘Violent Bloods Gang Members’ With Over 169 Felonies

A Dozen Hospitalized, One Dead After Mass Fentanyl Overdose in California

Kristin Kasiskas The Neighbor Who Came To Jayme Closs’ Aid: ‘We Were Armed And Ready’ For Suspect To Come Looking

3 Illegal Immigrants Arrested With $200K Worth Of Meth

Chicago: Woman With Concealed Carry License Fatally Shoots Would-Be Robber

Another Dead Black Man Found in the Home of Big Calif. Democrat Donor

FAKE HATE CRIME: Black Lives Matter Blamed Death of Black Girl on ‘White Man,’ Now We Know the TRUTH

WATCH: Furious Officer Blasts Liberals for Ignoring Murder of Female Cop

Armed Customer Killed 16-Year-Old Armed Robbery Suspect

Quick-Thinking Texas Waitress Stops Armed Black Man from Likely Church Massacre

Left-Wing Penn. Judge Allows Cop-Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to Appeal 37-Year-Old Conviction

Police Corporal Ronil Singh’s Brother Thanks Law Enforcement For Capturing His Killer

California ‘Cop-Killer’ May Have Ties To Violent Gang

Florida Paper About Face: ‘We Now Agree With Republicans That Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Should Be Removed’

Gunman Who Murdered Police Corporal Identified

MS-13 Allegedly Used A 13-Year-Old Girl To Lure Murder Victim

Merry Christmas: 30 People Shot in Violent Chicago Over Christmas Weekend

Police: LSU Player Shot and Killed Man Trying to Rob Him

13 Arrested In ISIS Beheading Of 2 European Students

The Latest Prison Reform is Not Real Prison Reform

California Cops ‘Frustrated’ With Sanctuary Laws

Victims Groups Oppose Trump’s ‘Justice Reform’ Bill

Gun-Free London Has Highest Murder Rate in a Decade

13-Year-Old Boy Punches Home Intruder In The Face

FBI Bucks Liberals and Refuses to Consider ‘Proud Boys’ an Extremist Group

Al Sharpton’s Anniversary: 23 Years Since He Incited Freddy’s Massacre

Angry and Destructive French Rioters: According to Rush Limbaugh, Shout ‘we want Trump’

What Are America’s Safest and Most Dangerous Cities?

And Yet ANOTHER Hoax ‘Hate Crime’ Exposed

Left’s Favorite Scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Investigated for Sexual Misconduct

Two American Teens Tortured and Shot Execution-Style During Visit to Mexico

Trump Operative Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty in Mueller Investigation