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Texas Court Indicts Netflix For Exploitation Of Children Over ‘Cuties’ Movie

Verified Twitter Users Wish Death On President Trump

Adult Swim Deletes Three Cartoon Episodes Over ‘Cultural Sensitivities’

Drudge Report Loses Millions of Visitors After Turning Anti-Trump, Left-Wing

School District Mandates White Supremacy Lessons For Kindergartners

Hasbro Apologizes for Troll Doll with Inappropriate Pedophilia Crotch Button

Popular LA Podcaster Joe Rogan Had Enough of Calif.- Moving to Texas

Black Actor Terry Crews Says Liberals Like Nick Cannon More Dangerous Than the KKK

Police Chief Faces Firing After Black Lives Matter Activists See Police Flag in His Home

Rapper Says White People Are “Closer To Animals” And “True Savages”

Urban Dictionary Goes Woke, Will Only Post BLM Approved Words

Museum Rejects Black Lives Matter’s Demands to Dump TV’s ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Car

Alabama Man Creates ‘50 Yard Challenge’ for America’s Veterans

Nike Caves: Removes All ‘Redskins’ Gear From Website

Harvard Grad Who Threatened to ‘Stab’ Those Who Say ‘All Lives Matter’ Loses Job

TIME Mag. Wants End to Comic Book Movies Because Superheroes are Too Much Like Cops

WATCH: Officer Amused that ‘Defund the Police’ Rally Demanded Police Presence ‘For Their Protection’

Now They Are Taking Away your Dixie Beer

Melania Trump Blasts Food Network’s John Henson for Attacking Son Barron on Father’s Day

Family of Woman Who Portrayed Aunt Jemima FURIOUS that Quaker Oats is Erasing Her Legacy

Muhammad Ali, Jr.: My Dad Would Be Calling Black Lives Matter a Bunch of Racist Terrorists

Quaker Oats Destroying Legacy of Black Female Civil Rights Pioneer, Aunt Jemima

VIDEO: Black Woman Destroys White Leftists About How Democrats Have Failed Blacks

Inside The Seattle’s Autonomous Zone: Anti-Police Graffiti On Sidewalks, Buildings, Windows (Video)

Do you Oppose Confederate Monuments? Robert E. Lee Agreed with You

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Caves In to Black Lives Matter Extremists, Will Redefine ‘Racism’

White Protesters Wash The Feet Of Black Protest Organizers (Video)

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison’s Son: ‘We Are Going To Dismantle The Minneapolis Police Department’

Michael Moore Orders Rioters To Demolish Police HQ

Woman Who Adopted Autistic Child to Film Documentary for Fame Now Admits Dumping the Child

School District Cracks Down On Free Meals By Installing Tracker After Parents Caught Selling Them

Mayor de Blasio: Here’s How You Can Report On Your Neighbor

Pop Singer Britney Spears Spouts Communist Slogans in Coronavirus Tweet

Nurse Delivers Hilarious Rant Against ‘Stupid People’ Over Coronavirus Scare

Study: Millennials Most Willing to Lie to Employers

Prince Harry and Meghan Announce They Are Quitting Royal Life, Going Into Left-Wing Activism Full Time