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Cory Booker Launches Curse-Filled Attack on Christian Prayer

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Dems Invite Controversial Hamas Supporting Imam To Give Prayer On House Floor

AOC Along With Bernie Proposes US Postal Service Do Banking Services

Anti-American Rep. Eric Swalwell Slammed By World War II Memorial After His Ignorant Pearl Harbor Tweet

Colorado Students Furious When Politicians Turn Memorial for Student’s Death Into Anti-Gun RallyCrime

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Nancy Pelosi: Jails Will Be “Overcrowded” If We Start Arresting Trump Officials

Democrat Prez Candidate Pete Buttigieg Says America Was Never That Great

Surprise! Omar Supports Group That Produced Child Beheading Skit

Senate Democrats Delete Own Poll About Brett Kavanaugh when it Turns Horribly Against Them

Hillary Clinton Still Says Election Was Stolen From Her, But Did Jon Stewart Steal It?

Tlaib’s Loyalties Do Not Lie With America

Liz Cheney Demolishes Ilhan Omar With One Tweet After Omar Defends Terrorists

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The Democrat Agenda: the Nothing Burger of the Century

Anti-Semite Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s Own Father Says She Lied to Get Elected in Detroit

Embattled Alabama Democrat Says Don Trump Jr. “Evidently Retarded”, Should Have Been “Aborted”

Ocasio-Cortez Dodges Question On Venezuela Crisis

Joe Biden Physically Blocking Reporters at Campaign Rallies, Then Says China is Not in Competition with U.S.A.

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen Eats Kentucky Fried Chicken At Barr Hearing

Charge of Sexual Assault By Pete Buttigieg Has Some Major Holes

Omar: Trump, GOP Created ‘Monsters’ ‘Terrorizing’ Jews & Muslims

Maher Mocks Adam Schiff On Impeachment: ‘Now It Just Looks Like You’re Stalking Him’

New York Democrats Push Bill to Release All Inmates Over 55, Even Murderers and Rapists

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: God’s Gift To Conservatives And Comedians

Of COURSE Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rushes to Use Synagogue Deaths to Push Her Leftist Agenda

Participants In Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Fun Run’ Didn’t Know They Were Donating To Her Campaign

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib: I Was ‘Afraid’ Of Americans After 9/11

Mentally-Challenged Rep. Eric Swalwell Still Maintains Trump Colluded With Russia

AOC Makes Embarrassing Gaffe While Trying To Attack GOP

Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief-of-Staff: Criminals In Prison Should Vote Because They Are ‘Most Affected By Unjust Laws’

Ocasio-Cortez Lists Tax Cuts And The Census As Reasons To Impeach Trump