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Children in Virginia Grade School Taught that American ‘Individualism’ is ‘Racist’

Only 10 Percent of School Loan Borrowers Making Payments During COVID Crisis

Grade School Boy Suspended when Teacher Saw Toy Gun During Virtual Class

Louisiana High School Student Sues School for Banning Pro-Trump Street Painting

U. of Rhode Island Removing WWII Murals Because ‘They Aren’t Diverse Enough’

Chicago Teacher Says ‘All Police Deserve to Be DEAD,’ Keeps His Job

Race Hustling Academic Proposes Punishing White Children Because They are Inherently Evil

Trump Dumps Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Rules that Caused Billions in Food Waste

Middle School Teacher Asks Students ‘How Many Slaves Would Equal 4 White People?’

New York High School Students Walk Out Because There are too Many White Kids

School Teacher Says Anti-Trumpers Should ‘Shoot’ Trump Supporters

Liberal Teacher Says Parents Should Not Be Allowed to Make Decisions for Their Kids

Grade School Cancels Traditional ‘First Thanksgiving Day’ Play Over ‘Sensitivity’ Worries

Student’s Assignment Returned with Anti-Trump Attacks Written by Teacher Assnt.

Snowflake Students Demand University of Virginia Cancel 21-Gun Salute for Veterans Day

UC Berkeley Professor Say Rural Americans are ‘Bad People’

Penn. Middle School Teacher Apologizes for Anti-Trump Class Assignment

Austin, Texas, Parents Furious at Sex Ed Class Training Kids to Be LGBTQ Activists

Michigan School District Switches to All Halal Food for Kids Lunches

University Students Need ‘Trigger Warning’ to Study Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Seattle Public Schools Committee Determines that Math is Racist

Parents Furious that New Jersey Middle School Teacher ‘Habitually’ Takes Knee During Pledge

Illinois Preparing to Initiate New Radical Transgender School Curriculum

Another Fake Hate Crime: Girl Who Claimed Dreadlocks Were Cut Off Lied

Florida Middle School Test Calls President Donald Trump an ‘Idiot’

New Law Signed By Gov. Newsom Bans Schools From Suspending Disruptive Kids

Now it is ‘Racist’ to Correct a College Student’s Grammar

Another State Now Forcing Kids to Learn ‘LGBT History’ in Public Schools

Teaching Kids Violence and Hate In Chicago

WHITE School Principal Sues for Racial Discrimination After Being Replaced by BLACK Subordinate

Mississippi Professor Gets Tenure Despite Calling Republican Students ‘Hitler Youth’

Colorado State University Tells Students to Stop Using Offensive Term ‘Americans’

School Suspends 10-Year-Old Kids That Asked to be Excused from LGBTQ Indoctrination

OUTRAGEOUS: Florida High School Principal Tells Kids the Holocaust Didn’t Happen

Portland State University Students Demand Disarming Of Campus Police

California Grade School Forces 10-Year-Old Girls to Play ‘Condom Race’ in Sex Ed Class