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University of Illinois sued over ‘bias response’ team, citing First Amendment issues

New collegiate course proposes President Trump may be modern-day fascist

Pennsylvania High School Blurs Out Students’ Trump Hats in School Yearbook

North Carolina Middle School Brings in Transvestites and Drag Queens for Kid’s ‘Self-Esteem’

NFL QB Slams Schools for Making Things Too Easy for Snowflake Kids: ‘You Want It, Work For It’

Grade School Eliminates Mother’s Day Because ‘We No Longer Are in a Binary World’

Seattle School Forcing Kids to Speak in Arabic During Ramadan

Stop Complaining About Public Schools and Get Your Children Out!

Teen Girl Suspended for Posting a Bible Verse on School Wall After Gay Pride Display Posted

California School District Slammed for Teaching Kids Pedophilia is Normal

Dartmouth Professor Says All People Who Own a Gun are Evil

Harvard Speaker Claims Christians and Jews ‘Deserve to Be Locked Up’ Because They Are Religious

New AP History School Book Claims Trump is Mentally Ill, His Voters All Racists

Minneapolis School Indoctrinates Kids with Assignments on Anti-American Ilhan Omar

Chief Of Campus Police Force Put On Leave For Being Conservative

8th Grade Boy Kicked Out of School for Making Project Honoring Fallen Soldiers

NYU Professor Disgusted by the ‘Sacred’ Memory of 9/11, Calls Veteran ‘Sh**head’

New Hampshire Dept. of Education Indoctrinating Students with Bernie Sanders Praise on SAT Tests

High School Apologizes After Forcing Teen to Take Off Trump Hat and T-Shirt on School Patriotic Day

California Parents Go Nuclear After State Forces Deviant Sex-Ed Classes on Kids

Actress Felicity Huffman Among First 14 to Plead Guilty in College Bribery Scandal

College Admission Scandal Changed Students’ Perception of College

Another Leftist Teacher Pushes Anti-Trump Assignment on Middle Schoolers

President Trump Sign Executive Order to Insure Free Speech on Campus

‘I Feel Violated’: Teen Sues School After Transgender Student Allowed in Girl’s Locker Room

Parents Say Virginia School Never Told Them Kids Were Exposed to Transgender in Class

Students Now Suing Schools for Fraud After College Admissions Scandal Erupts

Arizona High School Suspends Girl Just for Holding a Trump Flag

Florida School Bus Worker Rips Trump Hat off Student’s Head, May Face Firing

Here’s How Many Aspiring Elementary Teachers Fail Licensure Exam On Their First Try

Utah Teacher Forces Catholic Boy to Remove Ash Wednesday Cross Off Forehead

Muslims Force School to Dump Program About Homosexuality

Denver High School Sparks Liberal Outrage for Letting Kids Opt Out of Black History Rally

New York University Says Conservative Group Not Allowed to Believe in U.S. Constitution

New Jersey School Cancels Veterans Coloring Contest Because Soldiers Had EEEEVIL Guns in Drawing

South Dakota College Leaders Say Students Don’t Need History or Civics