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Hollywood Cop-Hater Alyssa Milano Calls Cops, Creates Massive Stir Over Kid with Toy Gun

Netflix To Air ‘Cuties’ Movie About 11-Year-Olds ‘Twerking Their Way To Stardom’

HBO Snowflakes Sully ‘Blazing Saddles’ With Childish ‘Disclaimer’ to Warn You About ‘Racism’

David Schwimmer Says ‘Friends’ Re-Boot Should Be All Black to Defeat ‘White Privilege’

Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart Says New Show is Attack on Trump and Brexit

Actress Rose McGowan Tweets Support of Iranian Terrorists, Her Hate for U.S.A.

Hallmark Channel Caves to LGBTQ Activists with About Face on Gay Content

‘Black Christmas’ Horror Movie Sold as Feminist Destruction of ‘The Patriarchy’

Hallmark Channel Bows to LGBTQ Activists, Now ‘Open’ to Gay Christmas Movies

‘Star Wars’ Actor Billy Dee Williams Now says He is ‘Gender Fluid’

Hollywood Bringing Back Dead Star James Dean in CG Film — Fans Not Happy

‘The Joker’ Director Rips ‘Far-Left’ for Fake Outrage Over His Film

Roseanne Barr Hammers Hollywood’s Hypocrisy During Comeback Announcement

Actress Kirstie Alley Slams McCarthyite Liberals for Blacklisting Conservatives

Seinfeld Star Slams Lefty Actress Debra Messing for ‘Embarrassing Lunacy’ on Trump

Jussie Smollett is Back — Now Wants to Sue Chicago

Hollywood Haters: ‘The Hunt’ Producer Says He Would ‘Take Out’ Trump

Hollywood Film Depicts Liberal Elites Hunting and Killing Dim-Witted Trump Voters

Angel Moms Shred Alyssa Milano Crying Stunt: Try Fighting For American Children Instead

Tom Arnold Endorses Violence Against Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Omar Agrees: They Get Twitter-Slammed

Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner Wants You to Know ALL Trump Voters are Racists

First Black Bond Woman Slams Casting of Lashana Lynch as Next 007

Cher Says She Wants Trump To Be Impeached And Sexually Assaulted

#MeToo Tumbling: CBS Approves Season 4 of ‘Bull’ Despite Sex Misconduct Allegations

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Smashes Global Box Office Records with $1.2 BILLION Opening

Here’s Hollywood’s Mueller Report Meltdown

New ‘Twilight Zone’ Series is All Anti-Gun, Anti-Trump, All The Time

Hollywood Artistic Integrity? Chinese Version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Cuts Homosexuality, Aids, Other Plots

Roseanne Barr Blames Sara Gilbert for Destroying ‘Roseanne’ Over Political Vendetta

Some in Hollywood Think Communism is Cool and Christian

Jay Leno Slams Today’s ‘One-Sided’ Late Night Shows for Their Left-Wing Politics

Marvel Says New ‘Captain Marvel’ Film is for ‘Intersectional Feminists,’ No Male Fans Needed

And The Oscar Goes To… No One Cares: Second Lowest Rated Oscars EVER

Alyssa Milano Runner-Up for Stupid Award: Claims Democrats Are the Party FOR the People – James Woods Answer is Classic

Trump Obviously Lives in the Heads of the Oscars After Awards Show Set Revealed