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Latest of Has Been Rosie O’Donnell Conspiracies; ‘100,000 Concentration Camps in U.S.A.’

Another Fake Photo of ‘Trump Putting Kids In Cages’ Goes Viral

Twitter Says Lock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Up After She Tells Supporters To Aid And Abet Illegal Immigrants

Nine Hispanics Moved Into Texas for Every One White Person in 2018

Trump Administration Set to Launch Immigration Raids Across U.S.A. on Sunday

Some Upstate New York Clerks Refusing to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens

Trump Did it! U.S.A. Halts Foreign Aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

Did Record Co. Founder’s Tweet Incite Violence Toward 7-Year-Old Raising Border Wall Cash?

Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Ban on So-Called ‘Sanctuary Cities’

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Shocking list of terrorists caught trying to access America via the border

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Gov. Who Pulled Nat. Guard Troops From Border To Spite Trump, Now Begs For Help

Supposed ‘Immigrant Advocates’ Caught Treating Immigrant Kids Worse at Migrant Center Than ICE Ever Did

Democrat New Mexico Gov. Who Pulled Troops from Border, Now Demands Federal Help for Border Crisis

New Mexico: Fed Up Waiting Private Groups Are Building A Border Wall