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Illegals with Coronavirus Filling Hospitals in Southwestern U.S.

More than 40 Miles of Border Wall Constructed Since Coronavirus Scare Started

Twice-Deported Undocumented Immigrant Accused Of Rape In Montgomery County

Report: Trump’s Border Wall AMAZINGLY Blocking 90% of Illegal Crossings

Americans Boycotting Greyhound After Co. Bans ICE from Boarding Buses

San Francisco Sheriff Refuses To Left His Department Cooperate With ICE

Trump Sending ‘Elite Tactical Agents’ to Track Illegals in Sanctuary Cities

Arizona: Illegal Border Crossings Fall Ninety Percent Following Trump Policy Change

Dept. of Homeland Security Investigates Liberal States for Giving Driver’s Licenses to Illegals

Denver Sticking To Sanctuary Policy After Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect Who Was Deported Six Times

New York: Undocumented Immigrants Line Up Around The Block To Apply For Driver’s Licenses Under New Law

Media Delete Stories Attacking Trump Over Immigrant Kids After Realizing Numbers Were Obama’s

Federal Judge: Trump Admin Must Provide Mental Health Services To Migrant Families

‘Sanctuary’ County Rolls Back Anti-ICE Rules After String of Immigrants Charged with Rape

Mexican Officials Report 250% Spike in Africans Trying to Sneak Across U.S. Border

President Trump: I Will Never Put Illegal Criminals Before Law Abiding Citizens

ICE Identifies Hundreds Of Migrants Allegedly Lying About Their Family Units, Adults Pretending To Be Kids

Nearly 500 Undocumented Immigrants Released From NC Jails Despite Detainers

Trump Winning: Mexico Finally Working to Stop Migrant Caravans, 56 % Drop in Crossers

Hundreds of Migrants in 19 States Hit with Mumps Epidemic

The REAL Kids at the Border Problem

Migrant Admits to Buying Baby to Make It Easier to Sneak Into U.S.A.

Antifa TERRORISTS Gearing Up for Siege on Southern Border, Flyers Show Dead ICE Agents

Undocumented Immigrants Group Rushed Texas Port of Entry And Attacked CBP

BOOM! Another Democrat Border Lie Debunked

HYPOCRITES: All the Senate Democrats Running for President Skipped Vote to Send Humanitarian Relief to Border

After Tour of Border, Hispanic Pastors Say Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lying About ICE Visit

MEDIA BIAS: Here’s the AMAZING Border Patrol Video The Left Doesn’t Want You To See

The Man and Daughter Who Drowned at US Border Were Not Truly ‘Refugee/Asylum’ Seekers

Shepard Smith Suggests Trump’s Treatment of Illegal Children Comparable to War Criminals

Restricting Immigration Will Soften The Blow Of Automation

Latest of Has Been Rosie O’Donnell Conspiracies; ‘100,000 Concentration Camps in U.S.A.’

Another Fake Photo of ‘Trump Putting Kids In Cages’ Goes Viral

Twitter Says Lock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Up After She Tells Supporters To Aid And Abet Illegal Immigrants

Nine Hispanics Moved Into Texas for Every One White Person in 2018

Trump Administration Set to Launch Immigration Raids Across U.S.A. on Sunday