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Did Record Co. Founder’s Tweet Incite Violence Toward 7-Year-Old Raising Border Wall Cash?

Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Ban on So-Called ‘Sanctuary Cities’

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Trump wins border tariff battle with major weekend announcement

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Gov. Who Pulled Nat. Guard Troops From Border To Spite Trump, Now Begs For Help

Supposed ‘Immigrant Advocates’ Caught Treating Immigrant Kids Worse at Migrant Center Than ICE Ever Did

Democrat New Mexico Gov. Who Pulled Troops from Border, Now Demands Federal Help for Border Crisis

New Mexico: Fed Up Waiting Private Groups Are Building A Border Wall

Illegal Alien Arrested After Impregnating 11 Year Old “Girlfriend”

Illegal Immigrant Stabs Elderly Grandmother To Death As She Begs For Her Life

Trump Signs Order to Get Immigrants Off Welfare, Require Sponsors to Pay Bill

DISGUSTING! House Democrat Says DHS “Intentionally” Killing Migrant Kids For Trump

Twice Deported Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Attempted Child Abduction

DNA Tests Reveal 30% Of Suspected Fraudulent Migrant Families Were Unrelated

DNA Tests Reveal 30% Of Suspected Fraudulent Migrant Families Were Unrelated

US Revokes Citizenship Of Imam Connected To Terrorists

Trump May Invoke ‘Insurrection Act’ to REMOVE Illegal Immigrants From U.S.

Texas: Suspected Illegal Alien Serial Killer Charged In Killings Of 12 Elderly Women

Trump Housing Dept. Files New Rule to Oust Illegals from Taxpayer Subsidized Housing

Border Patrol Agents Increasingly Getting Diseases from Swarm of Illegals

FEDS: Previously Deported Sex Offenders Hiding In Migrant Groups

Number Of Illegals Who Are Choosing Self-Deportation Rises Dramatically Under Trump

Trump Proposal Makes It Easier To Deport Illegals Who Use Public Benefits

Border Agents Find “Recycled” Migrant Child

Border Patrol Agents Will Soon Have Authority To Conduct Asylum Interviews On The Spot

Immigration Dept. Finds Surge of ‘Fake Families’ At U.S. Border Looking to Sneak Across Border

‘Red’ Pope Francis Sends $500,000 to Illegals in Mexico Invading U.S.A.

The United Nations Is Trying To Undermine Our Asylum Laws