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The Wall, The Wall, The Wall: Are We A Country Or Destination?

Violent Mob of Illegals Attacked U.S. Border Patrol While Pushing Kids Over Barbed Wire

Border Patrol Fires Tear Gas After Caravan Migrants Try To Enter, Rocks Thrown At Agents

Rampant Migrant Illnesses Force U.S. Border Patrol To Seek Help

Save Thousands of Women & Children from Rape, Pedophilia, & Murder! Fund the Wall!

Man Arrested In Deadly Highway Crash Charged With Criminally Negligent Homicide

Republicans Float ‘Dreamer’ Extension In Exchange For Border Wall Funding

Rep. Brooks: How Much American Blood On Hands Of Pelosi, Schumer Before They Help With Border Security?

Schumer Hammered For Playing Politics With The Safety Of The American People

Leftist Government Officials Oppose the Wall Due to Their Vested Interest in Organized Crime

Ten Years Ago Dem. Sen. Chuck Schumer Wanted a Wall, Now Hypocrite Opposes the Same Thing

Trump Warns Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador that Aid is Gone Unless They Stop Illegal Caravans

There’s An Illegal Alien Health Crisis At The Border

Homeland Security Calls CDC To Investigate Growing Number Of Sick Migrants

Former ICE Chief Tom Homan Slams Nancy Pelosi for Saying Walls Don’t Work

Migrants Heading Toward Border Blasts Organizers For Risky Journey

Watch Graham Berate Dems For Acting ‘Like Children’ & Says Trump Should ‘Break ‘Em Now’

Trump Tweets Photo Of New Proposed Border Wall… Leftists Go Nuts

‘It’s Now or NEVER!’ – Ronald Reagan’s Son Has MAJOR Warning for Trump On Border Security Deal

Wash. Post Reporter Tries To Get Vet’s Border Wall Gofundme Campaign Yanked

GoFundMe Page Started by Triple Amputee Veteran Has Already Raised Over $13 Million for Border Wall

Mexican Cartels Use Ultralight Aircraft To Smuggle Meth & Illegals Into U.S.

Caravan Leader That Demanded $50,000 Payout For Caravan Migrants Detained & Removed

18 Illegals Died in ICE Custody During Obama’s Reign, Media Did Not Care

Under Obama Border Patrol Agents Spent ‘Their Own Money’ To Buy ‘Basic Necessities’ For Migrant Kids

Father Of Guatemalan Girl Who Died In Border Patrol Custody Hires Lawyers

Mexico Has Had it with Illegal Immigrants, Moving to Shut Down Border with Central America

Migrant Group Demand Trump Either Let Them In Or Pay Them Each $50G To Turn Around

Watch Trump Skewer Democrats With Their Own Words

Media Burying TB, Hepatitis, HIV, Dangerous Diseases Brought in by ‘Migrant Caravan’

Advice from Israel: Build That Wall!

Arrogant ‘Migrant Caravaners’ Demand U.S. Pay Them $50,000 Each to Go Home

Shouting Match: Trump, Pelosi, Schumer Spar On Border Wall (Video)

Obama Admin. Illegally OK’d $310 Million In Free Legal Advice To Illegal Aliens

Most Americans STILL Oppose Increased Immigration

ICE Arrests 105 In New Jersey Including Child Abusers, MS-13 Member