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Man Plotting ‘Violent Jihad’ Arrested In Plan To Attack White Nationalist Rally, But Considered ‘Jews, Churches, Police’ Too

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Submits Resignation Effective May 11

Kamala Harris Confronted At Airport By Hispanic Trump Supporter

Maher Challenged Schiff On Impeachment After Mueller Report ‘Big Gun’ Fails: ‘Now It Just Looks Like You’re Stalking Him’

Judge Hammers Kim Foxx In Court For ‘Double Standard’ On False Reporting After Smollett Case: ‘This Smells Big Time’

North Korea Demanded $2 Million For Hospitalizing Otto Warmbier

Biden Senior Adviser Symone Sanders: “We Don’t Need White People Leading The Democratic Party”

FBI, IRS Raid Baltimore City Hall, Homes Of Mayor Catherine Pugh, Her Attorney’s Office & Other Locations

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CNN’s April Ryan Now Threatening To Sic Her “People” On Mike Huckabee

Mexican Troops Drew Weapons On American Soldiers On United States Side Of The Border

San Francisco’s Poop Problem Explodes All Over The City’s Streets & Sidewalks

Good Guy With A Gun Shoots Man Who Breaks Into Home & Starts Undressing In Bedroom Of 12 Year Old Girl In Her Bedroom

Beto: I May Not Give Much To Charity, But Hey, I’m Giving You Me

Campus Chief Of Police Put On Leave For Supporting President Trump

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New York Imam: Muslims Should Hate Non-Muslims

Members Of Congress Allegedly Sexually Harassed Night Shift Staff