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Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Refuses Questions About China

Portland Trail Blazers Join Boycott of Israel As NBA Ignores Massive Human Rights Abuses in China

NBA Shuts Down Reporter for Asking a Question About China

‘Professor’ Says Patriots QB Tom Brady is Only Popular Because of ‘White Supremacy’

Football Fan Who Begged for Beer Money Ended Up with Cool One Million for Charity

Toronto Raptors Pandering with New Line of Team-Branded Hijabs

NFL opening weekend fumbles as Americans look elsewhere for entertainment

Major League Soccer Declares Betsy Ross Flag a ‘Symbol of Hate’

NASCAR Pronounces Itself Anti-Second Amendment — Another American Institution Drives Left

NFL’s Eric Reid SLAMS Jay-Z for Throwing Anti-American Colin Kaepernick Under the Bus

WATCH: Hockey Coach Goes Viral Telling Players Stand for the Anthem or ‘Get the F Out’

Gay U.S. Women’s Soccer Capt. Megan Rapinoe Doubles Down on Anti-American Comments

Teen Girls File Suit Against Connecticut for Forcing Them to Compete Against Transgenders in School Sports

U.S. Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Refuses to Sing National Anthem During World Cup in France

NFL Still Losing: NFL Network Slashes Budget $20 Million

New York Yankees Ban Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’ Because She ‘Might’ Be a Racist

Every House Democrat But One Plus Two Republicans Co-Sponsor Bill Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete On Girls’ Sports Teams

Biological Man Is Top-Ranked NCAA Women’s Track Star

NFL Reportedly Pays Colin Kaepernick $80 Million to End Lawsuit and Go Away

Kings Fan Kicks Up Outrage with ‘Build The Wall’ Jersey

Conservative Businessman Sends Purple Heart Recipient to Atlanta for the Big Championship Game

Even Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise Wants Saints and Rams to Play a ‘Makeup Game’

When Laura Ingraham Told LeBron James To Shut Up and Dribble, She Had a Point, Clay Travis Says

‘Woke’ Cable Sports Network ESPN Loses ANOTHER 2 Million Subscribers in 2018

What I Learned While Living with a One-Legged Man This Memorial Day

UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Explains Economics in a Way Democrats Will Hate

Dog Killer Michael Vick Gets More Bad Press than Planned Parenthood

Pushback is the New Politics: PP, Women Fighting ISIS, and the Redskins

History Unwrapped: Barefoot Ethiopian Runner Abebe Bikila Conquers Rome

To Celebrate ‘Caitlyn Jenner’ MLB Signs Amphibious Pitcher

Bruce Jenner Wants Self-Authentication to be No. 1 Again

One of the Most Chilling Super Bowl Ads Ever

LeBron James Should Wear a T-Shirt that Says “My Business is Being Choked to Death”

How Looting and Rioting Lost the Sympathy of the American People

St. Louis Rams Players Hold Up Hands in ‘Don’t Shoot’ Gesture to Ferguson