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NASCAR Pronounces Itself Anti-Second Amendment — Another American Institution Drives Left

School Expels Student Because He Went Shooting with His Mom

Joe Biden Tells Touching Story of Meeting a Navy Captain… But it Never Happened

Discovery in Jordan Confirms Another Battle Mentioned in Bible

Viral Video: Bernie Sanders Makes Fool of Himself with Speed Bag Punch that Goes Awry

New Information on the Video Camera Outside Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Cell

U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Tries to Force Idaho to Pay For Transgender Prisoners Sex Change Surgery

Liberal Creeps Arrested for Beating Man in MAGA Hat on Date Night with Wife

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy Resigns from Congress Over Health of Unborn Child

Climate Change Alarmist Suffer Another Blow — Data Proves U.S. Hasn’t Warmed Since 2005

Hasbro Sticks Finger in Liberal’s Eyes with ‘Monopoly: Socialism’ Board Game Release

Bernie Sanders Now Wants Anyone Who Disagrees with Him Arrested

JUST IN: Laura Loomer WINS Appeal!

Man Tries to Rob Woman in Chicago, She Beats the Snot Out of Him

Trump 2020 Re-Election Campaign Ad Refused By Tech Giant Because it ‘Attributes Gender’?

TV’s Chuck Woolery Attacked Over Tweet About Nature of Racism

Elizabeth Warren Suddenly Deletes Indian Ancestry Claims from Website

Seven Times Joe Biden Lied About Things He Claimed He Did

Twitter Goes Nuts After President Trump Verbally Chastises Juan Williams

UPDATE: Watch Antifa Storm Portland In Violent Clash With Bystanders and Counter-Protestors

17-Year-Old GA High School Student Threatens To ‘Shoot Up School’ After Kicking Asst Principal (Video)

Media Silent About the Unsavory Group Behind Omar and Tlaib’s Israel Trip Plans

AMAZING: Israel Blocks Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from Entering Country After Trump Tweet

Not Good! Mitch McConnell Caves to Democrat Demands

Florida Man Arrested After Threatening Physical Violence at an Elementary School Displaying Patriotism

WATCH CNN Chris Cuomo Meltdown–Threatens to Beat Man Up Over ‘Fredo’

‘Washington Post’ Blasted for Misleading List of Americans Killed in Mass Murders

Hollywood Haters: ‘The Hunt’ Producer Says He Would ‘Take Out’ Trump

A Series of Strange Coincidences Occurred in Jail Before Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself

CNN’s Don Lemon Explodes After Tucker Carlson’s Remark’s on White Nationalism

WATCH: Al Sharpton Heckled by Baltimore Residents: ‘Go Back to New York!’

BREAKING: Accused Pedophile, and Close Bill Clinton Pal Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide in Prison

WATCH: Baltimore Residents Shocked at Trump’s ‘Racist’ Comments… Then Learned Who Actually Said Them

Has Another Biblical Prophecy Just Been Fulfilled?

Walmart Sends Strong Message to Anti-Gun Protesting Employees

4 Knifed to Death: The Mass Killing in California the Media Ignored