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Plastic Straw-Hating Enviro-Activist Accidentally Kills Self with Metal Drinking Straw

School Suspends 10-Year-Old Kids That Asked to be Excused from LGBTQ Indoctrination

Newest Liberal Stupidity: Now They’re Saying Air Conditioning is ‘Sexist’

Border Patrol Releases Video Showing How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez LIED To Americans About Border Conditions

OUTRAGEOUS: Florida High School Principal Tells Kids the Holocaust Didn’t Happen

More Winning: Donald Trump Has Slashed the Budget for the White House

Conservative Commentator Joe Biggs Banned from Twitter after Questioning Antifa

Democrat Prez Candidate Cory Booker Personally Smuggles 5 Undocumented Immigrants Across U.S. Border

American-Owned Co. Shames Nike with Its Own New U.S. Flag Shoe

Liberals Threaten to Kill Little Girl Who Made Fun of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

After Tour of Border, Hispanic Pastors Say Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lying About ICE Visit

British Comedian Ricky Gervais SLAMS Leftist ‘Milkshake’ Protesters

When Don Lemon Said Kamala Harris Wasn’t African American

MEDIA BIAS: Here’s the AMAZING Border Patrol Video The Left Doesn’t Want You To See

VIDEO: Portland Journalist Andy Ngo Beaten by Antifa Thugs as Police Stand By Doing Nothing

Conservatives Calling for Impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

Everything Elizabeth Warren Said During Debate Night Economy Question Was a Lie

Veterans Furious when Maryland County Replaces POW Flag

The Man and Daughter Who Drowned at US Border Were Not Truly ‘Refugee/Asylum’ Seekers

Google Execs Suddenly Go Into Hiding After Project Veritas Exposes Trump Destruction Plans

Another Fake Photo of ‘Trump Putting Kids In Cages’ Goes Viral

Trump offers Palestinian Authority $50 Billion Dollar Deal… Their Answer: ‘We Reject this Plan!’ But Why?

AMAZING POLL: Young People Begin Turning Against Militant Gay Agenda

Project Veritas Investigation: Google Exec Admits They Are Planning to Prevent Trump’s 2020 Reelection

Beatles Star John Lennon’s Son Slams Liberals as ‘Pathetic,’ ‘Science Denying’

Suspect Justifies Rape of White Woman ‘Because of Slavery’

Alum Michelle Malkin Tells Oberlin College: ‘You Had It Coming’

Some Upstate New York Clerks Refusing to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens

VIDEO: NFL Legend Burgess Owens Says Only Democrats Should Pay Anyone Reparations

Democrat Pete Buttigieg Insists We’ve Already Had a Gay President

Teen Girls File Suit Against Connecticut for Forcing Them to Compete Against Transgenders in School Sports

State Department Finds 23 Violations, ‘Multiple Security Incidents’ with Hillary Emails

Poll Shows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez New York Voters Already Getting Tired of Her

Harvard Revokes Admission of Pro-Gun Parkland Student After Liberals Attack

UNBELIEVABLE: Bernie Sanders; ‘Economic Bill of Rights’ is Near Verbatim Copy of Stalin’s 1936 Soviet Constitution

Pedophile Gets Beating of His Life After Trying to Kidnap 6-Year-Old