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Report: Another NYC Billboard Trolls Ocasio-Cortez

Police: White Teen Was ‘Likely Dismembered While Alive’ By Nigerian Immigrant Drug Dealer

$15 FAIL: New York Restaurant Workers Want Amy Schumer to Butt The Heck Out

A Muslim State Rep. in Penn. Wants to Ban ‘Highly Offensive’ Christian Prayer

Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell: “Our Standard Is Different Than Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt”

Democrat Rep. Omar Issued A Call To Arms For Her Fellow Muslim Americans

BANNED: City of San Antonio Bans Chick-fil-A for Company’s Christian Values

Watch Voter Deliver Devastating Takedown Of Seattle City Council

WATCH: Moms Group Complains That Kit Kat Candy Ad is Too Sexy

British Government Refuses Christian Asylum Seeker Because Christianity is ‘Not Peaceful’

California Appointed an Illegal Alien to a State Position

Mystery Surrounds Suicide Of Alan Krueger, Obama & Clinton Economic Adviser

Chinese Americans Worry that the ‘Ghost of Mao’ Taking Over the Democrat Party

‘I Feel Violated’: Teen Sues School After Transgender Student Allowed in Girl’s Locker Room

In 1989 U.N. Claimed Climate Change Would Destroy the Earth by Year 2000

AOC Once Again Demonstrates a Lack of Intelligence With Her ‘fix’ for Student Loan Debt

Pennsylvania Now Looking to Start Registering Every Firearm in the State for Future Confiscation

Strzok: Justice Department Reached Agreement With Clinton Lawyers To Block FBI Access To Clinton Foundation Emails

Back to Being a Man: LGBT Star Who Became ‘Nonbinary’ Now Says it was All a Sham

U.S. Ban On Welfare-Dependent Immigration Expected Soon

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blames Oil Spill on a Pipeline That Doesn’t Even Exist

Georgia Democrat Files Bill to Regulate Men’s Testicles

Somali Woman Charged With Terrorizing North Dakota Neighborhood

Five of the Most Hysterical Environmentalist Claims

HUGE College Cheating Scam, Liberal Actresses Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin Among Dozens Arrested

The Strange Death of Europe: Muslims Never Integrate Into a Host Country

Trans ‘Woman’ Arrested for Hate Attacks on White People

Cost of Universal Healthcare Sinks Finland, Forces Entire Government to Resign

Democrat Muslim Rep. Omar Calls Barack Obama a ‘Pretty Face’ and Murderer

Utah Teacher Forces Catholic Boy to Remove Ash Wednesday Cross Off Forehead

Don’t Look Now But GOP Has Won a Streak of Special Elections, Ousting Democrats

Jerry Falwell Jr. Schools Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Twitter

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says the U.S. Should NOT Have Killed 9/11 Terrorist Osama bin Laden

Failed TV Host Montel Williams Calls Dan Bongino ‘Token Black,’ Gets Totally OWNED

Two Freshman Senators Intro Bill to End Ritzy Pensions for Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Celebrates Communist Way of Doing Business in Congressional Offices