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Global Warming Priest Al Gore Slammed for Leaving Car Running During Hour-Long Speech

Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Wife Can’t Account $850 Million He Gave Her For Mental Health Project

Rashida Tlaib Paid Herself $45,500 From Campaign Funds, Got $225,000 From Soros Foundation

Bernie Sanders Hires Illegal Immigrant as Press Secretary, Dares ICE to Deport Her

CNN Bully Jim Acosta Caught Lying On the Air About Trump’s Vietnam Presser

Ocasio-Cortez Hit With FEC Complaint Alleging She Laundered Money

Ocasio-Cortez Is Furious At Photo Of Her And A Staffer Eating A Hamburger

Baked Nation: Claims Marijuana is Good Medicine are Bunk

And The Oscar Goes To… No One Cares: Second Lowest Rated Oscars EVER

Ocasio-Cortez Defends Wanting To Regulate Cow Farts

FINALLY an Honest Chicago Politician: Democrat Says Socialist Gov’t Should ‘Control Every Aspect of Our Lives’

Mother Slams Lenient Sentence For Transgender Who Sexually Assaulted 10-Year-Old Girl

Snowflakes Attack WWII Soldier Statue Thinking it is a Confederate Soldier

Lou Dobbs to Candace Owens: Steer Clear of the ‘H Word’

New Yorkers Shocked when $15 Minimum Wage Makes Food Cost More

AOC And/Or Her Chief Of Staff May Have Committed A Major Ethics Violation

Two Days After Telling Americans to Check All Sides of a Story, CBS Dumps Lara Logan

Arizona: ISIS Terrorist Calls Police, When Officer Arrives, He Comes At Him With Knife

Transgender Rules Causing School Girls to Avoid School Bathrooms Out of Fear

11-year-old Arrested After Threatening Teacher and Refusing to Stand for Pledge of Allegiance

Left-Wing Mother Tries to Crash Father-Daughter Dance with Her Son in Tow

First Female Air Force Viper Commander Has Been Demoted After Only Two Weeks

Ilhan Omar Loses It In Foreign Affairs Committee… Attacks Witness

South Dakota College Leaders Say Students Don’t Need History or Civics

Police Refused to Arrest Man Trying to Turn Himself in for Murder Because He Had No ID

Photo of Two North Carolina Children Stopping to Honor Raising of U.S. Flag Goes Viral

Chicago ‘Wins’ Most Corrupt City in America Award

The Deep Structure of the Deep State: Why Trump Purposely Ignores Advice from the CIA

Pennsylvania Newspaper Drops Comic Strip After Hidden ‘F-You Trump’ Found

New Illinois Anti-Gun Law Already Forcing Gun Shops to Close

The Ocasio-Cortez ‘Green New Deal’ Mysteriously Disappears from Her Website After Mass Mockery

Venezuelans Who Fled To America Have This Warning About Socialism

Report: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ ‘Green New Deal’ is the Dumbest Document Ever Written

Mexican Governor Now Warning Migrant Caravaners to Stay Away from His City

Joy Behar Outraged At Right For “Distorting” Socialism: “Nobody Really Understands It!”

Trump Calls For End To Sex Trafficking, Cartels & Kamala Does This!