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Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge to Trump’s Border Wall

Shell Oil President Slams Arrogant Obama for Claiming HE Created America’s Oil Boom

WHAT?? Islamist Linda Sarsour Took Money for Pittsburgh’s Jewish Victims and Gave it to Mosque with Terror Ties

Clinton Operative and Dem. Pennsylvania Attny. Gen. Kathleen Kane Headed to Prison

Acosta Spars With Sanders In Briefing Room After Temporary Ban

Macy’s Accused of ‘Racism’ with Holiday Photo of Single Black Mother

SCHOOL FAILURE: Poll Shows Millennials Think Obama Greater Than George Washington, America Never Great

Democrats Already Coming For Your Guns, America

CNN Accused of Posting Fake Photo of Children ‘Fleeing’ Border Patrol Tear Gas

Mexico Will Deport 500 ‘Caravan’ Migrants Who Violently Tried to Crash U.S. Border Sunday

BuzzFeed Calls for Destruction of All Conservative Media, Starting with Fox News

New Christmas Shopping Guides Help You Avoid Spending Money at Liberal Companies

THANKSGIVING: The Pilgrims Succeeded Because They Dumped Communism, Not Because the Indians Saved Them

‘Science’ Magazine Clams ‘No Scientific Foundation’ for Defining Gender by Birth

Watch Brian Kemp Dismantle Stacey Abrams Voter Suppression Claims

Chipotle Fires Manager Over ‘Racism’ Charges, Rehires Her When Charges Prove False

Troops Install Fencing & Barbed Wire Along US-Mexico Border

The ‘Hamas Caucus’: The Five Anti-Israel Women That Democrats elected to Congress

TV Star Tim Allen Slams Liberals Who Have No Sense of Humor About Themselves: ‘I Love Poking’ at Them

Seattle City Council Candidate Who Said He’s ‘Fiscally Conservative’ Drops Campaign After Leftists Launch Racist Threats on His Family

Man Beaten, Ankle Broken in Tucson Just Because He Had a Trump MAGA Hat On

Mexican Citizens Begin Throwing Rocks at Invading ‘Caravan Migrants’

Florida Recount for Governor Over, Republican Ron DeSantis Remains the Winner!

Federal Judge Extends The Deadline For Counting Votes

Climate Priests Furious Over Report of Booming Polar Bear Population

Vatican Orders U.S. Bishops to Avoid Addressing Sex Abuse Crisis

‘Houston Chronicle’ Forced to Retract Stories After Reporter’s Work Proven a Fraud

VOTE FRAUD ALERT: Minnesota Woman Sent Broward County, Florida, Election Ballot in Mail

The Pollsters Made a Mess of Election Predictions… AGAIN!

U.S. Flag Mural Defaced in Small New York Town

Does the Birth of a Red Cow Mean the End Is Near?

‘Blue Wave’ Fails to Materialize for 2018 Midterm Elections

Donald Trump Has Actually HELPED Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

Louis Farrakhan Caught Leading ‘Death to America,” ‘Death to Israel’ Chants in Iran

University of Wisconsin Handing Out ID Cards to Illegals to Help Them Vote Illegally

Pot Smoking Teens Who Quit the Weed Get Smarter Quickly