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Troops Install Fencing & Barbed Wire Along US-Mexico Border

The ‘Hamas Caucus’: The Five Anti-Israel Women That Democrats elected to Congress

TV Star Tim Allen Slams Liberals Who Have No Sense of Humor About Themselves: ‘I Love Poking’ at Them

Seattle City Council Candidate Who Said He’s ‘Fiscally Conservative’ Drops Campaign After Leftists Launch Racist Threats on His Family

Man Beaten, Ankle Broken in Tucson Just Because He Had a Trump MAGA Hat On

Mexican Citizens Begin Throwing Rocks at Invading ‘Caravan Migrants’

Florida Recount for Governor Over, Republican Ron DeSantis Remains the Winner!

Federal Judge Extends The Deadline For Counting Votes

Climate Priests Furious Over Report of Booming Polar Bear Population

Vatican Orders U.S. Bishops to Avoid Addressing Sex Abuse Crisis

‘Houston Chronicle’ Forced to Retract Stories After Reporter’s Work Proven a Fraud

VOTE FRAUD ALERT: Minnesota Woman Sent Broward County, Florida, Election Ballot in Mail

The Pollsters Made a Mess of Election Predictions… AGAIN!

U.S. Flag Mural Defaced in Small New York Town

Does the Birth of a Red Cow Mean the End Is Near?

‘Blue Wave’ Fails to Materialize for 2018 Midterm Elections

Donald Trump Has Actually HELPED Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

Louis Farrakhan Caught Leading ‘Death to America,” ‘Death to Israel’ Chants in Iran

University of Wisconsin Handing Out ID Cards to Illegals to Help Them Vote Illegally

Pot Smoking Teens Who Quit the Weed Get Smarter Quickly

Hillary Clinton Jokes: All Blacks Look Alike

Head of U.S. Northern Command: This Caravan Is Violent

Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin Says There is NO ‘Birthright Citizenship’

Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Family Politely Declines $600K GoFundMe Cash, Supporters Say $$ Goes to Kavanaugh-Supported Charity

All Five of the Terrorists Obama Exchanged for Traitor Bowe Bergdahl Have Returned to Terror

Gunman Shoots Windows of GOP Office and 40 Other Acts of Democrat Violence

The Ideal American Family, House, Mom and Dad, Kids, and Permanency is Now ‘Offensive’

Colorado Middle School Now Apologizing for Having Drag Queen Visit for ‘Career Day’

Media Blames Trump for ‘Bombs’ as ‘New York Times’ Posts Story of Trump’s Assassination

Town Rallies After Some Try to Prevent U.S. Flag Mural on Building

Maryland School Cancels ‘Aladdin’ Performance Over Fears Play ‘Stereotypes’ Arabs

Rust Belt Boom Under Trump, Jobs Streaming Back to Ohio, Penn., Mich., Wisc.

Trump Approval Rating Soars Past Obama’s Dampening on Democrat ‘Blue Wave’

Never-Trumper Women’s GOP Group Revealed as Backed by Billionaire Democrat Man

REVEALED: Internet Censorship of Conservatives Funded by the Chinese Government

College Expels Disabled Boy Over Sex Assault Despite Girl Admitting SHE Molested HIM!