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New York Democrat Tells Republican Senate Aide to ‘Kill Herself’

First Transgender Miss Universe Says ‘Having a Vagina’ Does Not Make You a Woman

New Facts Indicate Mueller Destroyed Evidence

Why George Soros Is Called “Kapo” & Why Q Says There Is a Special Place Picked Out for Him

Model Daisy Fuentes Slams TSA For Allowing Woman in Full Burka to Pass Security With No Frisk

Newly Elected Muslim Now Claims She’ll Wear Palestinian Dress at Congressional Swearing In Ceremony

9 Year Old Girl Calls 911 Because Parents Asked Her To Clean Her Bedroom

War on Christmas: Town Removes Nativity Scene to Satisfy Christian Haters

Newly Elected Muslim Congresswomen Ridicules VP Pence’s Christian Faith

Trump Dismayed That Mika Brzezinski Not Banned For Homophobic Slur

Hilarious, President Trump Cancels White House Christmas Party for Press Corps

Girl Commits Suicide Because Black Kids Bullied Her for Riding to School with White People

Arrogant ‘Migrant Caravaners’ Demand U.S. Pay Them $50,000 Each to Go Home

Pope Francis Considering Change To The Lord’s Prayer

UNC-Chapel Hill ‘Teachers’ Don’t Care About Students, Withholding Grades to Push Political Agenda

Scientist: ‘Borderline Impossible’ for Seas to Rise from Global Warming

Chicago Dems Get BUSTED Red-Handed Committing Election Fraud

Lefty ‘Fact Checker’ Snopes Claims False Left-Wing Attack on Trump is ‘True,’ Backtracks When Caught

Conservative Black Student Suspended Because He Legally Owns a Gun

Grade School Principal Bans Candy Canes Because Their J-Shape Might Mean ‘Jesus’

Now Liberals are Saying it is ‘Racist’ to Tell Minority Students to be ‘Respectful’ in Class

This One Map Tells You Everything You Need To Know About The Caravan

Liberal Privilege – Michelle Obama’s Slip of the Tongue: ‘that sh** doesn’t work all the time’

Stanford Tried to Force Frat to Remove U.S. Flag, But the Frat’s Reply Was Amazing

Family Said Airlines Left Disabled Mother in Airport Overnight, But Video Shows Something VERY Different

What Did #MeToo Expect? Businesses Avoiding Hiring Women, Won’t Included Them in Client Events

Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge to Trump’s Border Wall

Shell Oil President Slams Arrogant Obama for Claiming HE Created America’s Oil Boom

WHAT?? Islamist Linda Sarsour Took Money for Pittsburgh’s Jewish Victims and Gave it to Mosque with Terror Ties

Clinton Operative and Dem. Pennsylvania Attny. Gen. Kathleen Kane Headed to Prison

Acosta Spars With Sanders In Briefing Room After Temporary Ban

Macy’s Accused of ‘Racism’ with Holiday Photo of Single Black Mother

SCHOOL FAILURE: Poll Shows Millennials Think Obama Greater Than George Washington, America Never Great

Democrats Already Coming For Your Guns, America

CNN Accused of Posting Fake Photo of Children ‘Fleeing’ Border Patrol Tear Gas

Mexico Will Deport 500 ‘Caravan’ Migrants Who Violently Tried to Crash U.S. Border Sunday