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Portland Officials Ban Urinals in Men’s Rooms

U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Tries to Force Idaho to Pay For Transgender Prisoners Sex Change Surgery

Marvel Reportedly Looking for ‘Transgender Actor’ to Portray Trans Superhero

Leftists Force Actor Mario Lopez to Apologize for Criticizing Parents Who Force Kids into Transgenderism

Virginia School Gives ‘Transgender Students’ Preferences Without Notifying Parents

You asked for it, liberals. Now, you own it! Women’s NCAA 400-meter track champion is really fast…. because she’s a man!

Stop Buying Gillette: Razor Co. Ad Features Father Teaching Transgender ‘Son’ How to Shave

Last year he Was a Male Track Star Now He’s Swamping Competition After ‘Becoming’a Transgender Female

A Baby Died Because Doctors Were Lied to that a Pregnant Woman Was ‘A Man’

Pediatric Doctor Scolds Radical Transgenders for ‘Harming Kids’ with ‘Poor Science’

Chips Ahoy Cookies Diss Mothers with Drag Queen Spokesman on Mother’s Day

Tranny Weightlifter Who Smashed Female Lifting Records Has Wins Stripped

Leftist Hollywood Nut Charlize Theron Claims 7-Year-Old Son is Actually a Girl

U.S. Naval Academy to Refuse to Take Transgender Students Starting in 2020

Democrats Want to Force ALL Schools to Allow Boys to Compete as Girls in Sports

Leftist Judge Rules Little Girls Have No Right to Keep their Bodies from Being Seen by Trannies

Mom Who’s Daughter Must Compete in Track Against Transgender ‘Girl’ Is Speaking Out

School Teaches 6-Year-Olds on Transgenderism Despite Parent’s Objecting

Olympic Medal Winner Sharron Davies Criticizes Unfairness of Trans Athletes

Democrats Diss the Troops: Dump POW/MIA Flags for Transgender Flags

Transgender Rules Causing School Girls to Avoid School Bathrooms Out of Fear