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‘Socialist’ Nordic Countries Are Actually Moving Toward Private Health Care

Pelosi minions say impeachment push as ‘already begun’

Eric Swalwell’s strange social media diaper stunt belies the democrat’s desperation

How much coffee is too much coffee? The answer might shock you!

Extradition ruling arrives in case of ill whistleblower Julian Assange

Ongoing Iran tensions have massive US military assets parked just outside of Persian Gulf

Mexico puts their foot down ahead of immigration tariff talks with Trump

In fight against ‘fake news’ CNN, POTUS take pot shots at AT&T

Kanye West blasts liberal media in wild, profound rant

Colorado’s Radical Leftist Governor Jared Polis Makes it Harder for ICE to Apprehend Illegal Aliens

Petty Obama Envious of Wife’s Big Book Sales, Outs Her for Ghostwriter

Gillibrand: Voters That Do Not Want Tax Dollars Paying For Abortion Do Not Have “A Valid Argument”

Thousands Rally to Support Doctor Who Politely Asked Muslim Woman to Life Veil

Parents Furious When Teacher Tries to Turn 8-Yr-Old Boy Into a Transgender

‘Journalist’ Claims He Saw U.S. Special Forces in Columbia Until Twitter Laughs Him Into Oblivion

‘Washington Post’ Says U.S. Forces in WWII are Evil Because They Were ‘Racists’

De Blasio Claims Children Demanded “Meatless Mondays”

Illegal Immigrant Charged With Killing Father Of 10 In Drunk Driving Crash

Cost of Illegal Immigration Per Illegal Alien

Iowa Is Stuck Paying Thousands to Defend Illegal Alien Who Murdered Mollie Tibbetts

Beto O’Rourke Literally Ate Dirt After Losing To Cruz

Antifa Chases 50+ Police Officers Out of Portland with City’s Far Left, Dangerous Policies

College Cheater Sen. Elizabeth Warren Slams Rich Parents Caught in College Admissions Scandal

Maryland Democrat Calls for Doxing ‘Terrorist’ Gun Rights Supporters

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says the U.S.A. is ‘Garbage’

Michael Cohen Met W/ Adam Schiff’s Team For 10+ Hours Before Testifying

NY Times’ Tom Friedman’s Latest Lies

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Celebrates Communist Way of Doing Business in Congressional Offices

CNN Bully Jim Acosta Caught Lying On the Air About Trump’s Vietnam Presser

Media Ignores Video of Leftist Attacking Conservative at Berkeley

Trigger Warning: George Washington Thanked God for the Constitution

CNN’s Jake Tapper Was Upset BuzzFeed Published Fake Trump Dossier Because It Hurt Liberal Attack

Apple Refuses Govt Access to Terrorist’s Devices, But Handed Over Roger Stone’s Without Even a Whimper

Gay Couple Married by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Now Arrested for Rape

First Texas Had 58,000 Non-Citizens Voting, Now Pennsylvania Found 11,000 More

House Effort to Destroy Rep. Steve King Over ‘White Supremacy’ Comments Fizzles