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Putin: Democrats Insulting Trump ‘Enhances Our Prestige,’ Plays ‘Into Our Hands’; Trump’s Been Hard On Us

RAW VIDEO: Beirut Looks Like Hiroshima After The Bomb Fell

Chinese State Media Threatens China Will Strike Back By Interfering In US Elections For Coronavirus Lawsuits

Barbaric: Abortionist Drowned 34-Week-Old Baby Who Survived Abortion

British Spy Agencies Signal It’s Time To ‘Rethink’ China Relationship

European Union Will Close Its Borders In Response To The Coronavirus Spread

Beijing Expels U.S. MSM Journalists From China – And Hong Kong

International Women’s Day: Topless Women Protest ‘Climate Rape’

Terrorists Murder 24 At Christian Church, Many More Wounded, Kidnapped

Democrat Senator Held Secret Meeting In Munich, Germany With Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif

Two Anti-Radical Islam Women Slam Critics Of Trump’s Airstrike On Soleimani

Islamic State In Nigeria Beheads Christian Hostages

Boko Haram Hack To Death 12-Year-Old Christian Boy

Mexican Cartel Massacre 21 In Border Town

Report: Ukraine Widens Criminal Investigation Into Biden-Connected Burisma

China: A Married Couple Have The Plague

Here’s A Third Blackface Incident From Justin Trudeau, This One On Video

Iran Arrests 30 For Attending Mixed Yoga Class

Muslim Terrorists Kill Four During Catholic Mass In Burkina Faso

Hundreds Of ‘Undocumented Immigrants’ Occupy French Airport Terminal, Demand Legal Status (Video)

Islamic Extremist Attacks Increased 725% In Europe Between 2007 & 2017

NBC Sides With Iran, Suggests President Trump Provoking War on Behalf of Israel

Persecution Of Christians Worldwide Now Near “Genocide” Levels

Saudi Arabia Accused Of Torturing Gay Men Into Claiming They’re Terrorists Then Beheading Them

More Explosions In Sri Lanka As Police Raid ISIS Bomb Factory & Jihadists ‘Blow Themselves Up’

Al Jazeera Reporter It’s “Islamophobic” News To Link Sri Lankan Attacks To Radical Cleric

ISIS Celebrates Burning Of Notre Dame Cathedral

Israeli Spacecraft Beresheet Fails In Attempted Moon Landing

Chinese Scientists Now Putting Human Genes Into Monkeys

Unreal: Britain Prosecuting Brave Citizens Who Fought Against ISIS

For The Children: U.K To Unleash World’s Toughest Regulations On The Internet

Muslim Asylum Seeker Imprisoned For Stabbing His Wife To Death

Mexican Cartel Kidnap & Beat 11 Police Officers

India Shoots Satellite With Missile Endangering International Space Station

Iranian Women’s Rights Activist Condemns Western Feminists For Wearing Hijabs In “Solidarity”

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland Says Islamophobia Is World’s “Gravest Threat”