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ISIS Celebrates Burning Of Notre Dame Cathedral

Israeli Spacecraft Beresheet Fails In Attempted Moon Landing

Chinese Scientists Now Putting Human Genes Into Monkeys

Unreal: Britain Prosecuting Brave Citizens Who Fought Against ISIS

For The Children: U.K To Unleash World’s Toughest Regulations On The Internet

Muslim Asylum Seeker Imprisoned For Stabbing His Wife To Death

Mexican Cartel Kidnap & Beat 11 Police Officers

India Shoots Satellite With Missile Endangering International Space Station

Iranian Women’s Rights Activist Condemns Western Feminists For Wearing Hijabs In “Solidarity”

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland Says Islamophobia Is World’s “Gravest Threat”

Nigeria: Islamic Terrorists Ramp Up Attacks On Christians… MSM Silent!

Taliban Five Traded For Bergdahl Freed From Guantanamo Now Face U.S. In Peace Talks

Saudi Arabia Set To Execute Record Number Of People In Public… Mostly Carried Out By Beheading

People Reportedly Rising Up Against Hamas In Gaza

Last ISIS Stronghold Liberated, Caliphate Destroyed!

Islamic Militants Kill 6 Christians In Congo While 470 Families Forced To Flee Violence

Muslim Doctor Shocks CNN: Trump & GOP ‘Beloved’ In Much Of The Muslim World

Iran Gets Appointed To U.N. Women’s Rights Committee

Venezuela’s Water Turns Black: “Running With Oil”

Venezuelans Swarm Sewage Drains In Desperate Search Of Water

Venezuela: Chaos After Major Power Outage

Muslim Extremists Murder Over 30 Nigerian Christians In Horrific Attack

Maduro’s Forces Burn Humanitarian Aid (Video)

Venezuelan Troops Open Fire On Civilians Trying To Keep Brazil Border Open For Aid Shipments

Terrorist Who Targeted Americans Takes Over Ruthless Mexican Los Zetas Cartel On Texas Border

Women’s March Leader Tamika Mallory Wouldn’t Unequivocally State That Israel Has A Right To Exist

A Few Hours From Where Acosta Said There’s No Crisis: 21 Dead In Grisly Mexican Gang Battle

Oops: Five Taliban Fighters Killed When Their IED Prematurely Detonates

Mother Of Murdered Scandinavian Tourist Sent Horrific Images Of Her Daughter’s Killing

Gingerbread Men Replaced By ‘Gingerbread Persons’

American Tourists Risk Their Lives To Vacation In Mexico

British Ads That Promote ‘Harmful’ Gender Stereotypes Like ‘Doting Housewife’ & ‘Lazy Man’ To Be Banned

Here’s What Being Disarmed By A Dictator Looks Like

Google Approves App For Muslims To Report People Who Commit Blasphemy

Europeans Realizing Trump Was Right About The Iran Deal

UN Fails To Adopt US Resolution Condemning Hamas Terrorism Against Israel (Video)