Catholic School Abandons Faith for Gay Rights

The Bible is very clear that homosexuality is a sin. God refers to it as an abomination and said that those who engage in homosexuality should be put to death. That’s pretty strong language on the part of the Creator of the universe and mankind.

Yet our society today is forcing Christians to accept, endorse and in some ways participate in homosexuality, especially after the US Supreme Court decision that legalized homosexual marriage. Christian business owners are forced to either comply with requests from homosexuals or close their business and lose their source of income. A county clerk in Kentucky is being forced to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals after refusing to do so because of her Christian faith.

Now the pressures of a debauched and sinful society have forced a Catholic school to abandon their faith and hire a lesbian counselor.

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St. Mary’s Academy, a Roman Catholic all girls high school in Oregon is at the center of the gay rights versus religious rights controversy. In April, Brown had accepted the school’s offer for the counselor’s position and the school sent her a contract to sign. However, by July, the school had not received the signed contract back from Brown, so they hired someone else to fill the position.

Brown claims that the school board reversed their decision to hire her when they found out that she was a lesbian and intended to get married to her partner and hired an attorney to pursue legal action against the school.

On Tuesday the school emailed students about the controversy. Students condemned the board’s actions and showed up Wednesday morning to protest and decorate a statue outside the school with rainbow hearts. But when Tim Boyle, CEO of Columbia Sportswear and a high profile donor to the girls high school also condemned the board’s actions, the board backpedaled.

This past Wednesday, the school board voted to expand their hiring policy to include homosexuals. More precisely, they added sexual orientation to their EEOC policy, thus abandoning their faith and adherence to Scripture in favor of approving of an abomination way of life.

In the meantime, the school board had already filled the counselor’s position with another person so currently they are in discussion with Brown and her attorney to try to work out some type of agreement.

This is another case where gay rights prevail over religious rights. The First Amendment guarantees us the right to practice our religion, but no such constitutional right exists for the sinful and perverse lifestyle of homosexuality. Yet in today’s America, sin is defeating our constitutional religious rights. America is seeing Romans 1:18-31 being played out in our nation and indicates that we are under God’s judgement and unless America repents and returns to God’s statutes, we are destined for complete destruction.



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