Catholic University Under Attack for Teaching Homosexuality Is a ‘Deviant Behavior’

A month ago, I wrote about the small town of Steubenville, Ohio coming under attack because of the city logo that includes a cross.  The cross and building silhouette represents Franciscan Chapel at the Franciscan University, one of the city’s historical landmarks and largest employer.

Now the University is coming under attack for teaching biblical principles.

A Franciscan University alum was researching a reported rape that had occurred some years earlier near the campus.  While conducting the research, the alum happened upon the course description of one of the university’s courses – Social Work 314.  The course description lists those deviant behaviors as robbery, rape, murder, prostitution, homosexuality, drug use and mental illness.

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As it turns out, the alum conducting the research happens to be a homosexual and took great offense to his/her lifestyle as deviant behavior.  The alum then posted the course description on a Facebook page for other homosexual graduates from Franciscan University.  Naturally, this caused most of the group of deviants to get upset and they all started contacting the social work accrediting agency with their complaints over the course description.

Stephen Holloway, Director of Accreditation at the Council on Social Work Education responded to the complaints and expressed his concern over the course description saying:

“The fact that homosexuality was identified in the course description as a deviant behavior raises a flag.  Understanding diversity and difference and their dynamics in society is critical for social workers to be effective in working with diverse populations.”

Tom Sofio, a Franciscan University public relations person issued a statement reading:

“Franciscan University bases its educational mission on the teaching of Christ as proclaimed in Sacred Scripture and Tradition and authoritatively interpreted by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.”

“Accordingly, Franciscan University follows Catholic Church teaching in regard to homosexuality and treats homosexual persons with ‘respect, compassion, and sensitivity’ (Catechism of the Catholic Church, No. 2358) while holding homosexual acts as ‘intrinsically disordered’ (Catechism, No. 2357).”

In an official release from the University, they defend the course description saying:

“The course description for this class, to which some are taking issue, is little more than abbreviated chapter headings from the primary course textbook.  It is a book used in more than a dozen public universities, and uses the term ‘deviant’ in the sociological sense, simply meaning different from the norm.”

William Donohue, a sociologist, civil activist, former college professor and current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, commented about the controversy surrounding the course description saying:

“There is an entire group of distinguished psychiatrists and psychologists, who think it is normal for adult men to be sexually attracted to boys, B4U-Act, but that doesn’t mean that the shrinks are not themselves deviants.”

“Having taught Social Problems to college students for a long time, I can say unequivocally that until fairly recent times, homosexuality was always listed as a deviant behavior. The change in thinking, seeing it as normal, is more of a political statement than a clinical one.”

Let’s make it perfectly clear right now that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is an abomination and a sin and is not acceptable behavior (Lev. 18:22; 20:13).  God judges a nation and people for not only practicing homosexuality but for approving of it (Rom. 1:18-31).  These aren’t my words, they are God’s words, given to us and preserved through time.  To believe otherwise is to turn one’s back on God’s Word and tell Him that He’s wrong and a liar.

I wish I had the documentation in front of me, but unfortunately it resides with the organization that I was with at the time of my research, but I found evidence that strongly suggests that many of the professionals that began advocating homosexuality as being normal were homosexuals themselves.  Their papers published in scientific and medical journals were nothing more than an excuse to justify their own sin and others like them.

It’s very much like what William Donohue said.  The entire idea to normalize homosexuality is not based on real physical evidence, but is more of a social and political justification for a deviant behavior.  And I applaud Franciscan University for standing up for God’s Word and teaching sin as sin.

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