CAUTION: New Apple App Helps Sexual Predators Locate Victims As Young As 12

Parents be warned!  iTunes has just given their approval to a new app for Apple’s iOS-based tablets and phones that could be quite dangerous to children as young as 12 years of age.  The app is being billed as:

“The only gay social app approved by the iTunes store for 12-year-olds and older.”

Basically, the app will allow homosexuals as young as 12 to connect with each other, to set up times to get together and will even provide a map and directions to wherever the meeting takes place.  However, the most dangerous aspect of the app could be used for sexual predators whether they are gay or straight.

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The app has a tracking setting that broadcasts the location of the phone or tablet 24/7 if not turned off.  If you fail to disable the tracking system, anyone with the same app will know where you are.  Any sexual predator could use this app to help stalk their prey.

Matt Barber, Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action commented about the app, saying:

“That Apple would allow an app that essentially facilitates anonymous sexual encounters between boys as young as 12 years old is unconscionable.  But the real concern comes about when you consider that this app is a homosexual predator’s dream come true.”

Referring to the liberal scientific publication Archives of Sexual Behavior, Barber explained:

“[They found that] 86 percent of offenders against males describe themselves as homosexual or bisexual,” he quotes, “and this means, when you crunch the numbers, that from a percentage standpoint homosexual or bisexual men are approximately 10 times more likely to molest children than are heterosexual men.”

Barber added that unless Apple drops the app, they are opening themselves up for lawsuits from the victims of homosexual predators that use it to home in on their targets.  He believes that Apple should ban the app as soon as possible to protect innocent victims and the company.

Allow me to set a scenario.  Say you have a son or daughter around 13 years of age who is hearing about homosexuality from friends and classmates.  The public schools teach that it is normal and acceptable.  They become curious and reach out to learn more about it on their own and happen to download the app to their phone or tablet.  As a parent, you have no idea that they downloaded the app.  Your son or daughter not knowing to disable the tracking beacon leaves the house to meet up with a friend or go shopping.  A sexual predator is tracking their signal and is able attack them at just the right moment to reduce the chance of being seen or caught, like lion pouncing from the tall grass to take down a tiny gazelle.  If your child is fortunate to survive the ordeal, they will be scared for life.  Many others will not survive the attack and it could be days, weeks or even never that their bodies are found.

This is exactly what Barber is warning could happen if Apple continues to allow this app to remain on the market.  If this is something you don’t want to put your child or family through, then you need to know what apps are being downloaded by your kids before it’s too late.

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