CBS Tries to Derail Cain’s Campaign

Wednesday morning, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain appeared on the CBS Early Show.  He was interviewed by Chris Wragge and Erica Hill concerning his victory in the Florida straw poll.

Almost immediately after congratulating Cain on his victory, Wragge and Hill turned on Cain and concentrated more on the negatives than the positives.  It was obvious by the tone of their questions that neither of them were fans of Cain.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

WRAGGE: Congratulations after the results over the weekend. Let me ask you this, though-

CAIN: Yes-

WRAGGE: Someone like Sarah Palin says late last night that you’re the flavor of the week. How do you respond to something like that?

CAIN: Well, I would say that that’s not true, first of all. The difference between me winning that straw poll and what we’re going to do to leverage that is- it’s a couple of things. Primarily, I have a message that’s resonating with the American people, the voters. My economic growth and jobs plan- as you know, next to national security, the biggest thing on the minds of the American people, how do we generate jobs and grow this economy? I have been talking about my 9-9-9 plan. It’s resonating because it’s simple, it expands the base, and it’s going to kick-start this economy. So, rather than being the flavor of the week, people are saying, ah! There is more to that flavor than meets the eye, and its substance. And I’m going to continue to talk about solutions to some of these issues, rather than just talking about the issues.

HILL: We should point out, though, a number of the Republicans who voted in that poll- some 2,600-plus people- said, you know, we really don’t expect him to be able to go on and be the nominee. This is a grueling endeavor, it is expensive. You mentioned recently, you thought a couple times about dropping out, and most people would say- look, you may have something people respond to, but your chances of actually getting that nomination- pretty slim. So why stick with it then?….

HILL: A number of Americans are speaking out, thinking for themselves, and there are a number of Americans- not all of them Republicans, but many Republicans who are saying we still need someone else in this race, and that is someone is Governor Chris Christie- of course, getting a lot of traction. If he were to jump in the race- A., as a Republican, do you think that would be a good move; and, B., what does it do to your candidacy and your chances?

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There was only one short question about Cain’s 9-9-9 program that he has been advocating.  I’m sure they would not ask Obama about his eroding support base and why he would continue to run for a second term with his ratings being so low if they had a chance to interview him.

The CBS Early Show interview is one of many examples of how biased the media is against conservative Republican candidates.  It is also a case of poor journalism skills on the part of Hill and Wragge in conducting such a biased interview.

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