Chicago Mayor Welcomes Central American Illegal Gang Members to Windy City

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was well trained during his time as Obama’s Chief of Staff. He was trained to ignore the needs and pleas of the people and do what he can to ruin the city just as Obama is ruining the nation.

America is fast becoming one of the crime capitals of the world, but when you have a leader that blatantly defies and breaks dozens of laws, what would you expect. Washington DC, where Obama calls home now is not only the political capital of the nation, but it’s also one of the top crime cities of the nation as well and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

In Chicago, I’m not sure if Emanuel is breaking as many laws as Obama, but it too is becoming one of the nation’s top crime capitals of the nation. Not only is Chicago the political home of Barack Obama, but it’s also run by one of Obama’s Washington trained liberal Democrats.

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So far this month, more than 130 people have been shot in Chicago, 82 of those were shot just over the 4th of July weekend. Nearly a third of those shot have died. Many of the shootings and victims are from Chicago’s predominantly black Southside, moving a large number of them to gather outside of police headquarters demanding that something be done to curb the violence. The protesters called for the resignations of Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

Like his mentor, Emanuel has ignored the concerns of the citizens of Chicago and announced that he has plans to house another 1,000 illegal Central American aliens in addition to the nine facilities already set up to house 500 of them. In doing so, Emanuel has basically flipped the black community his middle finger, telling them he doesn’t care about them, their families, their safety or anything else about them.

What has Chicago’s Southside citizens upset and concerned is that many of the illegals being sent all over the US and to Chicago are members of violent gangs including the infamous MS-13. Members of MS-13 are already in the US and have already taken up their criminal practices in other locations. Amos Jones, a homeless man in Suitland, Maryland was stabbed to death by members of the MS-13 gang. Police have arrested six people involved in the brutal stabbing and at least three of the six have been confirmed as MS-13 members.

The last thing Chicago’s Southside residents need or want is the importation of more violent gang members, as if they had a shortage of gang members of their own. But Emanuel doesn’t care.

I say that they need to house the 1,000 illegal Central American aliens at Emanuel’s house and let him take care of them. Let them go to the same school as his kids and roam the same streets as he does. Let the money come out of Emanuel’s pocket instead of forcing tax payer to pay for them. I know Emanuel believes that the federal government will foot the bill, but I wouldn’t count on it!

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