Chicago Police Corruption Follows Obama’s Lawless Examples

Chicago has a near century old tradition of corruption and lawlessness. From the gangster days of Al Capone, Bugs Moran and John Dillinger to the days of corrupt politicians like former Mayor Richard J. Daley, former Alderman William Carothers, former Alderman and State Senator Fred Roti, former US Representative and Gov. Rod Blagojevich, present Mayor Rahm Emanuel to former Community Organizer, US Senator and present White House Usurper Barack Obama, corruption has been the norm for Chicago’s long history controlled by liberal Democrats.

So is it any great surprise that Chicago’s police department is now being investigated on charges of corruption?

Here is a short list of reported police corruption in Obama’s political birthplace over the past decade:

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I’m sure that a little more research would lead to pages and pages of reports on police corruption among the Chicago Police Department. Just a few days ago, I read about the FBI investigating a 2013 incident where two plain clothes Chicago police officers shot and killed a Hispanic man after a reported high speed chase and the past couple of weeks there have been a number of news reports about the widespread corruption and subsequent reviews of the Chicago Police Department.

I submit that this is a symptom of the overall corruption that stems from not only Chicago politics but from the liberal politics of the Democratic Party as exemplified by our Corrupter in Chief Barack Obama. He openly defies the US Constitution, Congress, courts and a number of federal laws. He acts more like one of the gangsters from Chicago’s early days than like the leader of the nation who swore to uphold all he had violated. So why shouldn’t the Chicago police department follow the example of their political hero role model?

Perhaps I should say that Obama is a symptom of the long history of Chicago corruption since that is where he started his political career. Either way, the liberalism of leftwing Democrats is the root of the problems plaguing Chicago’s police department.


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