Chicago Reveals Sweetheart Deal of $10 for 99-Year Lease on Land for Fake Obama ‘Library’

As every day passes in the City of Chicago, voters are finding out just how crooked the backroom deals are for Barack Obama’s fake “library” that he plans to build on Chicago’s lake shore.

This week voters discovered that Windy City Mayor — and one-time Obama Chief of Staff — Rahm Emanuel gave the former president a sweet deal on the 20 acres of park land Obama plans to destroy with his “Obama Center.”

News broke this week that the city has handed over the 20 acres to Obama for a grand total rent of $10. Now, that is not ten bucks a year. It is ten bucks for NINETY-NINE years!

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As Breitbart News reported:

The now outgoing Rahm Emanuel administration is touting a deal to give away about 20 acres of historic Jackson Park to the controversial “Obama Center” for the tiny payment of $10 for a 99-year lease.
Despite multiple lawsuits seeking to stop the destruction of the historic city park and increasing federal inquiries into the backroom deals between Chicago politicians and Barack Obama’s presidential center, city officials are going full steam to give the go-ahead for the former president’s project, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Two controversial moves were announced by the city, one being the $10 price tag for the 99-year lease. The second was a city ordinance allowing the Obama Center to destroy a section of Cornell Drive, a move that has upset many Chicagoans.

Unfortunately, the agreement to suspend construction until the reviews are done did not come in time to save dozens of hundred-year-old trees in the park that the city cut down despite claims that no major changes would occur to other areas of the park.

The Chicago Park District began destroying the massive trees to make room for construction of a new athletic track that is necessary to replace the one that will be eliminated when the Obama Center takes over the 20 acres targeted for the president’s building.

City activists were outraged when the city began removing the stand of trees despite claims that the Obama Center would not disrupt any areas other than the 20 acres set aside for its construction.

There is a lot else wrong with this fraudulent deal, too.

For one thing, it was a bait and switch from the beginning. The whole project was sold to Chicago as a “presidential library.” But after it all got approved by the city, residents discovered that Obama does not intend to house any of his papers, books, records and manuscripts in the “Obama Center.” So, unlike every other presidential center, Obama’s isn’t going to be a library at all.

That is why he is calling it the “Obama Center” and not the Obama Library. Because it isn’t a library.

Next, Obama promised that no other parts of Jackson Park, except the 20 acres he is being given, would be disturbed by his center. That turned out to be a lie, too. As seen above several areas outside his 20 acres have already been affected despite promises, AND despite orders in lawsuits filed since.

But even worse is the money. All along Obama said that his “Center” would be paid for by private money. But, that was also a lie. Again per Bretibart:

Meanwhile, others are furious that the Obama Center is gobbling up $244 million in tax dollars despite the initial claim that the project would all be paid for by private funds.

But why should Obama change his stripes? He has always been a liar.

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