Chicago’s Strict Gun Laws Leave 50+ Shot for Second Weekend in a Row

Illinois has fairly strict gun control laws. To legally own a firearm in the state, a person must apply for a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card issued by the Illinois State Police. Before issuing a FOID card, the state police conduct a background check using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) maintained and operated by the FBI. Even though state law specifies that the state police deny or issue a FOID card within 30 days of the application, the process often takes up to 60 days or longer due to a backlog of applications. Once issued, FOID cards are valid for 10 years unless otherwise revoked for various reasons prior to the 10 year expiration.

To purchase a firearm in Illinois, the seller must verify the validity of the buyer’s FOID card. This process is known as the Firearm Transfer Inquiry Program (FTIP). If the FOID card passes the FTIP check, the buyer must wait 24 hours before taking possession of the purchased rifle or shotgun and 72 hours for a handgun.

In addition to the state gun laws, Chicago has passed some of their own. They have banned the ownership and possession of assault weapons which includes a variety of semi-automatic weapons. They’ve also banned ammo magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammo. If a person 17 years of age or younger live in the home with a legally owned firearm, the firearm must have a trigger lock or be stored in a locked gun cabinet/safe or is secured to the body of the legal owner of the firearm. (This makes gun ownership useless for self-defense if anyone breaks into the home, but liberal Democrats care nothing about the right to defend one’s person, family or property.

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After a federal judge overturned Chicago’s ban on all gun sales within the city, the city passed a new ordinance in June 2014 that specified that gun sales can only take place in certain locations in the city. All sales must be videotaped and the ordinance limits a person to purchasing only 1 firearm within a 30 day period.

Furthermore, Cook County, which encompasses the city of Chicago, also has a ban on assault weapons and certain semi-automatic weapons. No ammo magazine can hold more than 10 rounds of ammo. As for gun storage in the home, they have the same requirements as Chicago, except that the requirement for all guns to be locked and secured apply to any house containing anyone younger than 21.

It’s obvious that Illinois, Cook County and Chicago have the type of gun control laws that democrats which to impose on everyone. They claim that these strict laws and background checks are necessary to curb gun violence. Every time there is a shooting of more than one person or in a public place, the liberals start screaming for more gun control laws like they have in Chicago.

Well then, let’s take a look at Chicago to see just how wonderfully effective their gun control laws are. According to reports, this past weekend saw 52 people wounded and 4 killed by guns. This marks the second weekend in a row with more than 50 shootings. To date, at least 2,300 people have been shot within the city of Chicago. That’s an increase of around 400 more than during the same period in 2014. The increased shootings have resulted in a 21% increase in the homicide rate over the same period as last year.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke to the media about the increased gun violence, saying:

“Wherever you live, you should be able to get out of your car and go to your home. You can say this happened in the neighborhood of the Back of the Yards, but everybody (who) woke up this morning, or heard it last night, felt a pain of anguish, and it’s time that our criminal justice system and the laws as it relates to access to guns and the penalties for using ’em reflect the values of the people of the city of Chicago.”

What is happening in Chicago is a prime example of the results of passing strict gun control laws. When Australia banned ownership of most firearms, all gun related crimes skyrocketed over the following few years. The same thing has happened in other cities and countries that tried to interfere with the right to own and carry a firearm.

Criminals know that law abiding citizens are defenseless, thus making them easy prey for those who violate the law and use illegal firearms. If a homeowner does have a legally owned gun, it’s locked up safe and secure where they can’t easily get to it to defend themselves and their families. When people are banned from carrying guns with them in public, they also fall easy prey to thieves, muggers and rapists.

The bottom line is that history and statistics repeatedly show that when places like Chicago pass laws to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, that crime and violence goes up. It also proves that gun control laws have nothing to do with reducing crime or violence and everything to do with taking away our Second Amendment rights and disarming the American people.

Whenever you encounter one of these anti-American liberals, just point them to Chicago and all of their shootings. There is nothing they can say to counter the facts.

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