Child Killers Are the Ones Pushing Gun Control

Have you ever taken a moment to think about the people that have been screaming for gun control ever since the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook?  They stand in front of the cameras and microphones and tell you just how precious those young innocent lives are.  Their emotional pleas almost bring tears to one’s eyes.

These same people, including President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, will leave the gun control podium and move to the abortion podium and tell you that every woman should have the right to murder their innocent unborn children.  They’ll tell you it’s fine to murder them before you see their tiny little bodies, but once they take their first breath of air, it’s horrible to take their lives.

One of my favorite internet people to check in on is Wild Bill for America.  He explains the hypocrisy of the gun control advocates and abortion very eloquently:

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What’s the real difference between the two ages that you are allowed to murder them at one age but not another?

Is it the difference in size?  If so, what size is the cutoff between murder and preservation?  Be careful answering because I’ve seen premature babies that weighed 2 pounds that managed to survive.

Is it the level of development?  Some people never fully develop but end up leading productive lives.  Is it the development of the brain?  If so, then what about severely mentally handicapped people, can you just go out and murder them?

Is it their environment – the womb verses the outside world?  Does being born suddenly make one human?  Does the distance of 8 inches determine whether it is okay to murder the child or that it is now human?  Then explain to me how that happens when a doctor performs a C-section and cuts into the womb to deliver the baby.  Does it become human when the womb has been opened or is it when the baby is lifted out of the womb?

Is it the level of dependence that makes it human?  Every baby is dependent upon someone for the first few years of its life.  Is there that much of a difference of being fed through an umbilical cord or from a breast or bottle?  If it is a level of dependence, tell that to a quadriplegic or stroke victim.

As you can see, there is no real difference between a foetus or unborn child and the 6 year olds that were killed at Sandy Hook other than size, development, environment and level of dependency.  Yet it was a tragic event that took place at Sandy Hook, but not at the nearest abortion clinic that was brutally ripping apart a unborn child.

If they really cared about the children, they would work to save them in the womb.  Like Wild Bill said, it’s not about stopping violence.  It is about disarming the American people.  The people who are screaming the loudest for gun control have an agenda and they will use whatever means they can, regardless of the ethics, logic or legality, to accomplish that agenda.  Plain and simple, that agenda is to disarm and enslave the American people to a socialistic government that cares nothing about them.

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