China Joining Russia in Syria Could Start World War III

Over the past six and half years, Barack Obama has steadily sliced and diced our military. He’s cut the number of troops, planes, warships, tanks, missiles and other weapon. Year after year Obama tries to further reduce the Defense Department’s budget. In some categories, the US military is only 1/3 the strength it was before Obama took office.

Over the past couple of years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it obvious that he considers Obama to be a joke and no longer considers the US to be as big of a threat as they used to be. It seems that China and North Korea also feel the same way about Obama and the US. The differences between Obama and Putin have come to a head over the situation in Syria.

Syria is facing a series of complicated warring factions. There are several different rebel factions that all want to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. All of these rebel groups have ties to different Islamic extremists that all want to take control of the country. Then there are Assad’s troops trying desperately to defend their barbaric leader. The strife is made more complicated by the presence of ISIS forces that seem to be fighting everyone, Assad and the rebel forces, for control of the country.

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Obama insists that Assad must be removed from office and has vowed to help the Syrian rebels. He has tried to help the rebel group with ties to the less violent of the Islamic terrorist groups. He’s already embarrassed by spending nearly half a billion dollars to train and arm several dozen rebels, of which only a handful are left. Most have either been killed or turned their weapons over to ISIS forces.

Russia believes that Assad has every right to remain in office and has joined Assad’s defense against rebels and ISIS forces. In recent weeks, Putin has launched air strikes against Assad’s enemies. Russian officials claim the strikes have been aimed at ISIS forces, but in reality, they have been aimed at rebel strongholds, some of which were US supported. Putin refuses to back off as he does not fear Obama.

This is creating dangerous tensions between the US and Russia. To make matters worse, reports have surfaced that China is sending military warships to the Middle East to assist Russia in helping to defend Assad. China claims that they are only assisting in the war against ISIS, but if they are joining Russian efforts, that means they will also be fighting rebel factions backed by the US. puts the situation in perspective, writing:

“Russian ruler Vladimir Putin launched airstrikes against rebels opposing the terrorist Assad regime in Syria, first with a modest force to gauge the U.S. response and perhaps pull out if threatened. Seeing no threat, Putin has been intensifying Russian operations, even sending in Spetsnaz special forces troops.

China’s entry means two major powers are stepping in to do what the U.S. was unwilling to do against IS.

It’s a lesson in how fast the tables can turn when America displays weakness — losing wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and proving to be ineffective against IS despite fighting it for a year and three months now.

Our commander-in-chief even admits that he has no strategy against the monstrous caliphate that his very own policies of weakness brought into being.

What is apparently happening now was inconceivable before Obama sent America spiraling into decline: our two Cold War adversaries uniting militarily in an effort that will ultimately give them dominance, at our expense, in the most strategically important part of the world, the oil-rich and politically fragile Middle East.

You can’t carry out your objectives there over the course of years with the most advanced military in the world? Fine. Watch us do it, Moscow and Beijing are telling us with their actions. And in months, or perhaps only weeks.

How the next president will dig us out of this hole is hard to fathom. A new post-Cold War Brezhnev Doctrine could come into effect, in which Moscow and Beijing warn that they will not let the U.S. reassert its influence in countries they’ve ‘liberated’ in the Mideast.”

Seven years ago, few believed that the US could be on the brink of World War III. After six and half years of Obama, that’s exactly where we are finding ourselves. Russia and China are flexing their muscles and thanks to Obama, our muscles have been drastically weakened. One wrong move on either side could spell the start of the next world war. With Russia and China siding against us, I seriously doubt if the US has the strength and power to defend us. The outcome is frightening.

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