China’s Military Building While America’s is Diminishing

President Barack Obama has been busy destroying the US military.  He has destroyed a significant part of military morale by allowing gays to openly serve, forcing chaplains to perform same-sex marriages against their religious beliefs and by wanting to change the military retirement program in a way that will make it less desirable to want to give 20 years of your life for your country.

Then he placed little value on the military by using it as a blackmail tool for last year’s Supercommittee, which failed to accomplished anything.  Consequently, Obama kept his promise and drastically reduced the military’s budget, resulting in the loss of nearly 100,000 troops and numerous ships and planes.

So while Obama is cutting US military strength, China, who owns a large portion of the US debt, has just announced that an 11.2% increase in their military budget.  Obama and the Defense Department don’t seem to be too concerned over the Chinese build-up, but one expert on China warns that we need to think again about decreasing the US military.

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Dean Cheng, a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center says that the Chinese build is problematic to the US on two accounts.  First and foremost, he says that the Chinese military are focused on the US and not being the world’s police like the US does.  Secondly, because the US military is spread across the globe, China will only be faced with confronting a portion of the US military with their full strength.

Cheng adds that China is becoming more assertive towards its neighbors that are US allies such as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

In reading what Cheng was saying, I couldn’t help but recall that the US fought against Chinese forces in the Korean and Viet Nam wars.  China seems to forget that a number of US forces fought with them to thwart the Japanese invasion just prior to our involvement in World War II.

However, Cheng and other Chinese experts are warning that the stage is being set for a possible confrontation between the US and China in both the military and financial areas and our current leaders seem to care less.  If for no other reason, we need to elect a new president, one that will help preserve our military might and not tear it apart like Obama is doing now.

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