Chinese Athlete Shares Lessons in Freedom

Los Angeles-based author Kai Chen, who grew up in Communist China under Mao Tse-Tung, knows just how evil socialism is, and he is working hard to educate Americans before it’s too late.

“Government is about power,” Chen said recently to a roomful of people ranging in age from 10 to their mid-90s. “The bigger the government, the bigger the lie. Total government, like in China, is a total lie.

“The entire country is a lie. I don’t want that to happen here. If it does, if America becomes like China, where are the freedom-loving people to go? The moon?”

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The former Chinese state basketball player was speaking in Canoga Park, California, on the 24th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall to the members of the San Fernando Valley Patriots.

He shared some memories of his youth during the Cultural Revolution, a time when the government was so strict, people couldn’t even have a goldfish or flowers in their home. “That’s bourgeois!” Chen said of the Communists’ standard accusation.

Because China does not have America’s history of individual freedom, a culture of indifference has taken root. “People in China say who cares if somebody dies? People die by the millions,” Chen said.

The rise of socialism begins with changing the way people use language, the author said.

For example, in China, the government talks about dealing with “the masses” and appealing to “the masses.” That’s not the talk of free people.

“Ronald Reagan said don’t use that language, ‘masses,'” Chen said. “People are not masses; they’re individuals.”

Chen considers Reagan to be one of three “mortal giants” from the 1980s, the other two being Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II. All of them, Chen said, spoke directly and plainly about freedom, unlike politicians today.

“Socialism is evil. Communism is evil. Who today is talking like that?” Chen asked.

Chen said there are three things socialists believe in:

  • Government is God — the idea that government can, or should, do everything and should be given loyalty because of it. “When you say, ‘Government can do that,’ you fall into their trap,” Chen said.
  • It’s all a zero-sum game — there’s only so much to go around, so it has to be distributed “equally.” “They pit women against men, blacks against whites,” Chen said. “Everybody’s gain is everybody’s loss.”
  • Materialism — everything is material, nothing is of a spiritual or higher nature. “They see a problem, they throw money at it,” Chen said. “We are nothing of our own choice or God’s creation. We are only creatures of our environment. That’s the talk of the Left.”

Chen warned that Obamacare is not about health, it’s about power. But that reality has been obscured by the doubletalk used by the government and media to describe the law.

“People say, ‘Oh, this rollout does not work,'” Chen said. “It’s not supposed to work! It’s one step to total control by the government!”

According to the author, the real point of Obamacare is to gain control of and centralize your personal information.

“You will become public people,” he warned.

Chen related how, during the Cultural Revolution, Mao came up with the concept of “barefoot doctors” to take care of people in the countryside. The “doctors” were given a first aid bag, maybe some other supplies, and no training, then they were sent out into the provinces, where they would treat people in smaller towns and villages.

Chen said his niece, a doctor who had recently finished training in the U.S., went to China to visit, and she was asked by a Chinese physician how many people she had operated on. She replied that she hadn’t performed any operations on her own yet because she had just finished her training.

According to Chen, “He said, ‘I never had training. I operated on a thousand already.’ That’s public medicine.”

Under socialism, people put up with hardship’s because they’re told it’s “equal,” and they think someone else will have even more taken away.

“You expect other people to be worse off than you,” Chen said. “That’s how you get transformed. That’s how Obamacare will transform this country.”

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