Chris Matthews: Obama Under Fire Because Of Right-Wing Racists

“The Reverend” Al Sharpton asked Chris Matthews whether he thought all the conservative criticism of the Obama administration was going to backfire on the conservatives, whether they’re “over jumping the runway.” In typical Chris Matthews fashion, he responded with a rant about white supremacy and racism:

 “…They can’t stand the idea that [Obama’s] president. And a piece of it is racism. Not that somebody in one racial group doesn’t like somebody in another racial group, so what. It’s the sense that the white race must rule. That’s what racism is. And they can’t stand the idea that a man who’s not white is president. That is real. That sense of racial superiority and rule is in the hearts of some people in this country. Not all conservatives; not even all right-wingers. But it always comes through with this birther sh-crap and these other references, and somehow try to erase Obamacare, erase his record in history, and a big part of it is bought into by people like John Boehner, who’s not a bad guy, but he knows the only way you can talk to the hard right is talk their language.”

 It must be about racism, because Obama happens to be half-black, and Holder happens to be some kind of mixed race, maybe half-black as well (I think his dad is from Barbados). But what about Steven Miller, the newly-resigned IRS commissioner? He’s a white guy. And all the times we get on to Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius and Hillary Clinton and Chris Matthews himself? (I know, all women, but you get the point.) We get on to everyone who promulgates liberal socialism, regardless of what color their skin is.

This is the only way Chris Matthews knows how to retort. He knows he can’t defend the Obama administration on principle, so he’s got to play the race card. “You’re just getting on to him, because he’s black.” This is what Gosnell’s attorney claimed. He said it was all about race. The prosecutors were trying to bring Gosnell down simply because he has dark skin. Don’t they get tired of this hackneyed response?

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We could say the same thing to him. He’s only defending Obama, because he’s black. He only voted for him, because he’s black. And 95% of blacks voted for Obama, because he’s black. But that’s not racism. Racism is only when white people don’t like black people. There is no such thing as black racism. If blacks say they’re victimized by whites, they’re only stating facts. White people are privileged.

This is the only kind of retort that liberals can come up with to defend the Obama administration’s many scandals. They know the corruption and cover-ups are indefensible, but they have to continue to swear allegiance to their lord.

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