Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz Is A Terrorist

I think he’s just trying to get more viewers. But he must also understand that there is a point of diminishing return. If he’s going to make over-the-top shocking comments about people he doesn’t care for, he’s going to alienate viewers. He’s going to lose credibility with his viewership. Not that I’m complaining.

On his show, he called Ted Cruz a terrorist. Granted, the first time he mentioned it, he qualified it by saying he was a “political terrorist.” But then, he just kept referring to him as a terrorist:

 “It’s not just the issue of Obamacare and a government shutdown where Cruz and his allies are threatening destruction. In addition to their vow to blow up Obamacare and shut down the American government this September, they’re also moving to block an increase in the debt ceiling. And that means the government wouldn’t be able to pay its bills, wouldn’t be able to pay its debts and would go into default. The consequences would destroy the United States’ credit rating, of course, and send us spiraling into default. This is Cruz’s operation, by the way, and his allies operation. This is more than obstructionism — this is political terrorism. It’s a strategy of mass destruction and demolition with the hope after the rubble is settled they’ll be the ones left around to pick up the pieces… I will say he’s a terrorist. Because what the guy has done basically says, ‘my goals are – is demolition.’ Blow up health care. Blow up the continuing resolution. Bring the government to a standstill, and then make us forfeit on the national debt.”

Doesn’t Matthews know that we already have an unpayable national debt of nearly $17 trillion? Our entire financial system is unsustainable, yet our government continues to grow. Our economy is a house of cards. It’s a ticking time bomb that’s just waiting to blow on its own.

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Ted Cruz doesn’t want to “blow up” anything. Yes, he wants Obamacare defunded. So do I and most conservatives. That’s not terrorism. That’s called trying to reign in big government and restrain it with the chains of the Constitution.

I don’t care about the Supreme Court’s opinion. Obamacare is unconstitutional. And not only that, it will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. Why doesn’t Matthews care about that? He wants our government to be able to rack up endless amounts of debt, which will only make an economic collapse that much worse. How is that not terrorism?

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