Christian Business Owner Shuts Down Service to Accommodate “Gay Marriage” Law

There’s a trolley business based out of Annapolis, Maryland called Discover Annapolis Tours. The business used to accommodate newly weds as part of their service until recently when it became clear that if a business turned down a same-sex couple, that business could be sued and would lose based on discrimination charges.

The owner of Discover Annapolis Tours Matt Grubbs is a Christian and is opposed to Maryland’s new same-sex marriage law upheld last month by voters that allows homosexuals to “wed.” He had the option to refuse to serve these homosexual newly weds but instead decided to scrap the whole wedding component to his trolley business. Now, his business will be out $50,000 a year.

The Baltimore Sun explained that Grubbs has to refuse all wedding couples to avoid discrimination lawsuits and to stay in business:

 “‘If they’re providing services to the public, they can’t discriminate who they provide their services to,’ said Glendora Hughes, general counsel for the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. The commission enforces public accommodation laws that prohibit businesses from discriminating on the basis of race, sexual orientation and other characteristics.”

 In a free country, a business owner has every right in the world to refuse service to anyone he wants. This means a black owner can refuse service to white people if he really wants to. And likewise a Christian business can refuse service to homosexuals.

That is part of freedom. A government mandating that businesses serve certain people is the opposite of freedom. A person’s business is his property, and he should be able to do with it just about whatever he wants without government interference. “Discrimination” should not be a crime. Sin, perhaps. But not a crime.

So, now to avoid discrimination lawsuits that he would for sure lose, he’s had to cut loose his service to all weddings. But isn’t that also discriminatory? Instead of “discriminating” against “gay” couples, he’s having to discriminate against all newly-wed couples. If you just got married, sorry, he doesn’t serve “your type.”

While the laws extending privileges to homosexuals claim to give everyone equal rights, all they really do is discriminate against Christians.

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