Christian Doors Closed due to Targeting by Gays

Ever since Barack Obama and his entourage of liberals took control of America in 2008, homosexuals have not only come out of the closet in record numbers, but they have been hard at work destroying the very fabric of American morals and values.

Homosexuals have been challenging federal and state laws demanding equal rights with married couples. They insist that the unholy unions of perversion are equal to the holy state of matrimony established by our Creator God.

Actually, they have been going beyond demanding equal rights. They have been demanding and receiving preferential rights over what married couples or Christians have. They are demanding that normal people be forced to violate their personal religious beliefs to cater to their abominable lifestyle.

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How many times have I and others reported on lawsuits filed by homosexuals against Christians because the Christians stood up for their faith? These cases either go to court or to human rights commissions, both of which rule against the Christians. Over and over again, Christians are being forced to act against their faith and the teachings of God, and provide services to or sell to homosexuals.

Just do a search on this site for gay rights and you will find a plethora of articles showing how Christians are being forced to accept homosexuals and their agenda.

But should homosexuals be allowed to target Christians for the sole purpose of forcing their perversion on them? Ask yourself why a gay couple would insist on seeking the services of a Christian business owner when there are so many others that provide the same service?

It’s not just happening here in America, but in other countries that hold to the biblical teachings against homosexuality. Take Israel, for example. About forty years ago, a group of devout Finnish Christians founded a Messianic community in the Judean Mountains outside of Jerusalem. The community is called Yad Hashmonah and today has about 150 Israeli believers and evangelical Christians who live and work there.

Yad Hashmonah is a faith-based community that believes in the biblical restoration of Israel. They believe that their community and lifestyle is a living testimony to Jesus Christ. Sadly, Yad Hashmonah is one of the latest victims to the homosexual agenda and the end result could be the end of the community.

The community has a banquet facility that they rent out to others. It is a major source of income for the small community. Recently, two lesbians who were married in England wanted to rent the banquet hall for a renewal of their vows and a reception. When the women called the receptionist, they were told:

“The owners are believers in the Bible and cannot perform a ceremony of this nature here.”

Instead of being as tolerant as they want others to be and seek another venue for the debauchery, they immediately filed a lawsuit against Yad Hashmonah. They accused the community of violating Israel’s anti-discrimination laws.

In response to the lawsuit, the leadership of Yad Hashmonah published an announcement saying:

“No homosexual or lesbian organization will be allowed to rent space for functions on our premises.”

This promoted the attorney representing the lesbian couple to accuse the community of homophobia. Note that anyone who opposes homosexual is automatically labeled as a homophobe or someone who fears and doesn’t understand homosexuality. They refuse to admit that people believe their lifestyle is sinful and an abomination to God and that it’s not fear at all.

As soon as news of the lawsuit became public, Yad Hashmonah started receiving numerous requests from other homosexual groups wanting to rent the banquet facilities. This prompted the leadership of the community close the doors of the banquet hall to everyone, which is resulting in a huge loss of revenue to the small community.

Attorneys presenting Yad Hashmonah cited both Old and New Testament verses against homosexuality. Ayelet Ronan, the General Secretary of Yad Hashmonah stated:

“As a faith-based community we need to be able to refuse events that blatantly oppose our religious beliefs. We explained to the judge that a same-sex celebration would ruin our business. The majority of our clientele are Christians who vigorously oppose gay marriage.”

The first court to hear the case against Yad Hashmonah found the community guilty of discriminating against the couple for their sexual orientation and awarded the couple $20,000. The community leaders appealed the decision only to have the Jerusalem District Court uphold the lower court’s ruling.

After the hearings, Ronan told the local news:

“We do not hate homosexuals or lesbians. We love them. We simply told the court that it is God’s word in the Bible that calls homosexuality an abomination.”

“We have already received phone calls from many more homosexual groups and couples saying they want to get married here. To avoid another legal problem, for now, we simply cannot book anything at all.”

“We used to host an average of 35-50 weddings a year over the past 12 years. Israelis from all over the country, religious and secular, loved to come here. Now there are none.”

Homosexuals demand toleration from others, but they are among the most intolerant of all. They cannot accept that others refuse to believe as they do. Instead of tolerating differing views from others, they seek to hurt and destroy those that believe otherwise. This is also a form of discrimination of religious views and sexual orientation, but the courts don’t see it that way. There should be a way for Christians to block the intentional targeting by homosexuals for the expressed purpose of imposing their sins on us.

It’s the same hypocrisy that we see when liberals like Obama wants all schools to be gun free zones, yet the school his daughters attend have up to 11 armed guards. It’s the same liberal hypocrisy behind Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch mandate while she is free to serve whatever she wants to visiting dignitaries at the White House. It’s the same liberal hypocrisy we see when blacks can say and do anything they want against a white person, but it’s a hate crime or racial intolerance if a white person treats a black person the same way. It’s the same liberal hypocrisy we see when Christians in our military are forced to hide their Christianity and even fast during Ramadan while Muslims are allowed to freely express their religion. It’s the same liberal hypocrisy we see when conservatives are blocked from passing laws to prevent voter fraud while hundreds of thousands of liberals are registered and vote in two or more states along with thousands of illegals and dead people.

We live in some of the most intolerant times in history and it’s only getting worse. Christians, God, Jesus, biblical marriage, values and teachings are being persecuted worldwide at an alarming rate. Sooner than you realize, you may find yourself being persecuted for your faith. Will you be a Judas Iscariot who sold out his faith for money or will you be a Stephen who sang praises to his Lord and Savior as he was being stoned to death? Are you willing to lose all for the sake of Jesus or will you cave in to the demands of homosexuals, Muslims or other liberals?

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