Christian Evangelist Billy Graham has Passed Away at 99

It’s a sad but joyous day in America, as one of the most famous Christian leaders of the 20th century, the Reverend Billy Graham, has passed away at the age of 99.

Graham lived a life focused on one thing – bringing glory and fame to the name of Jesus Christ by telling as many people about Him as he could.

Graham was wildly successful in proclaiming the Gospel and spreading the Good News as millions of people were able to hear the Word of God (many for the first time) thanks to Graham’s powerful ministry.

He counseled President’s and political leaders, met with kings, and sat down in peace and kindness with religious leaders from all around the world and of various beliefs.

He was a gentle giant, a man known for his kindness, patience, and wisdom. His legacy will live on through those he reached with the Gospel, but this world will be worse off without him.

However, he’s in a much better and more glorious place this afternoon and far happier for finally reaching his rest.


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