Christian Ministers Being Persecuted In America

Christian persecution is alive and well in America these days. More and more laws are being passed that make true Christianity a crime. Preaching the Bible and living by how the Word of God instructs us to live can now get a Christian fined, jailed and run out of business.

Liberals, atheists and socialists have been waging a spiritual war against Christianity in America for years, but under the Muslim leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, the war has taken on new dimensions. It has been brought out into the open, much like the street fighting taking place in parts of the Middle East.

Obama openly attacked Christians with the mandates of Obamacare. Individuals are being forced to pay for certain coverages that included contraception, abortifacients and abortion in the exchange purchased policies. Christian business owners were being forced to pay for coverage for their employees that violated their faith, which I personally believe was one of the purposes of Obamacare to begin with.

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Military chaplains were told to perform same-sex marriages and unions or face the disciplinary action up to and including being court martialed. They have had to make their off-site church facilities available for same-sex weddings or face the same disciplinary action. Military personnel were told that they were not allowed to wear crosses or openly display their Bibles while serving in the Middle East.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both endorse the United Nations’ hate language laws and have indicated that they would like them to be approved by the US Senate. By hate language, they mean anything that would offend a person’s color, sex, sexual orientation and religion. However, for some peculiar reason, the same rules wouldn’t apply to Christians and those who hold to traditional marriage. According to the UN, anyone preaching against homosexuality from the Bible would be in violation.

Christian business owners are being sued right and left for not wanting to be part of same-sex weddings and unions. They are being fined and threatened with jail if they don’t comply. Some Christian business owners have opted to shut their businesses down rather than compromise their faith.

One of the latest cases of Christian persecution is taking place in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Donald and Evelyn Knapp are ordained ministers who operate the Hitching Post Lakeside Wedding Chapel. Even though they are ministers, the chapel is a for-profit business which according to local officials means that they have to abide by recently passed non-discrimination ordinances.

Thanks to the most liberal court in the country, the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriages in May and ruled that they would have to be performed as of Oct. 15 of this year. Back in June, Coeur d’Alene City Attorney Warren Wilson said that the Knapps would have to comply with the non-discrimination ordinance the city had or face up to a $1,000 per day and up to 180 days in jail.

Two days after same-sex marriage was legalized in Idaho, the Knapps received a call inquiring about them officiating a same-sex wedding in their chapel. The Knapps refused, knowing that they would be held in violation of the ordinance.

Alliance Defending Freedom has intervened on behalf of the Knapps, filing a temporary restraining order to prevent the enforcement of the city ordinance. ADF attorney Jeremy Tedesco commented about their situation, saying:

“The government should not force ordained ministers to act contrary to their faith under threat of jail time and criminal fines. The city is on seriously flawed legal ground, and our lawsuit intends to ensure that this couple’s freedom to adhere to their own faith as pastors is protected just as the First Amendment intended.”

“The Knapps are in fear that if they exercise their First Amendment rights they will be cited, prosecuted and sent to jail.”

Even though the Knapps have the constitutional right to the freedom of religion, that won’t mean that the liberal courts will rule in their favor. In a slightly different but similar case in New York, Cynthia and Robert Gifford were ordered to by a liberal judge to hold same-sex weddings in the downstairs floor of their house. The Giffords host parties, weddings and receptions in the large downstairs portion of their three story farmhouse. After a lesbian couple, who knew that the Giffords were Christians, recorded their phone conversation with them, a lawsuit was filed. The lesbian couple intentionally targeted and trapped the Giffords, just like the case that happened with the Knapps and their small wedding chapel.

Gay activists are intentionally targeting Christians and getting away with it. The liberal courts are not defending the constitutional rights of Christians, rather they are stripping our rights away and giving gay activists special privileged rights above and beyond what normal people have.

If you didn’t think that you would ever see the persecution of Christians here in the United States, consider what’s going on. They are being persecuted by the gays, by the courts, by the military and our federal government. The IRS and DHS are targeting Christians because of their beliefs, conservative and patriotic values. Obamacare was designed to intentionally trample on the rights of Christians by forcing them to violate their faith. Christians are being arrested and jailed for speaking outside abortion clinics and Muslim festivals.

America has turned its back on God and He is turning us over to our sinful desires, lusts and ways. We are no longer a Christian nation, but a nation under judgment. One of these days, God’s judgment will turn to wrath and when that happens, none will escape, not even the faithful. That folks scares me more than anything else!

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