Christian Printer’s Refusal to Print Gay T-Shirts Upheld by Kentucky Judge

Throughout the United States, gay activists have intentionally targeted businesses owned by Christians just so they can force their sinful and abominable lifestyle on those who do not agree with them. They whine and cry that they want tolerance, yet demonstrate that they are just as, if not more intolerant than those they accuse. They are unwilling to accept the fact that not everyone agrees with them.

In the vast majority of the cases, liberal judges and gay supporting civil rights commissions have stripped the First Amendment rights away from Christian business owners. Our debauched judicial system has systematically extended special rights to a minority of perverts.

On the flip side, when a gay supporting business owner refuses to take the order of a Christian, the same judicial system that condemns Christians from doing the same, exonerates the gay supporting owners.

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As homosexuals argue in front of the US Supreme Court, one Kentucky judge finally takes a stand and rules on the First Amendment rights of a Christian owned print shop in Lexington, Kentucky.

In 2012, the owners of Hands On Originals were approached by a customer who wanted the shop to print t-shirts for Lexington Pride Festival. The owners are devout Christians and they declined the order, saying that it promoted sexual relationships and activities outside of marriage, which they firmly believed was a union of one man with one woman.

Like every other whiny gay rights activist, the person trying to place the order ran crying to the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission. The commission took up the case and informed the owners of the print shop that they were guilty of discrimination of someone due to their sexual orientation. Additionally, the commission ruled that Lexington’s fairness ordinance did not violate the business owners’ rights of free speech or religion.

The owners of Hands On Originals appealed the commission’s ruling. The appeal went before Fayette Circuit Judge James Ishmael who on Monday overturned the commission’s ruling. In his ruling, Ishmael stated that the owners of print shop were protected by their First Amendment rights of free speech and religion and therefore did discriminate when they refused the order which was offensive to their religious beliefs.

Ishmael wrote:

“This court does not fault the Commission in its interest in insuring citizens have equal access to services but that is not what this case is all about.”

“There is no evidence in this record that [the company] or its owners refused to print the T-shirts in question based upon the sexual orientation of the GLSO or its members.”

“Rather, it is clear beyond dispute that [the company] and its owners declined to print the T-shirts in question because of the MESSAGE advocating sexual activity outside of a marriage between one man and one woman.”

For once there is a judge in America that actually ruled on the constitution and law instead of ruling on personal agenda or the whims of the prevailing political forces. If more judges followed suit and ruled on law rather than agenda, gay activists would not be arguing in front of the US Supreme Court for the legalization of homosexual marriages. Companies like Disney, Target and Starbucks may not be promoting gay rights and many Christian business owners would still be happily serving their community and friends and public schools would not be brainwashing our children into accepting a perverse and sinful lifestyle.

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