Christian Schools Ordered to Teach Wicca & Pagan Religions as Equals

How often did we hear Barack Obama use Canada and England as examples for things like healthcare?  It’s obvious that he watches our neighbor to the north and keys on any of their liberal socialistic policies that he can implement here in the US.  It wouldn’t surprise me for him to try to implement Quebec’s Ethics and Religious Culture program that has been mandated by the government.

First enacted in 2008, the program requires that all public and private schools in Quebec present all religions from Christianity to Wicca to Buddhism to other pagan religions.  In the lessons, they are required to teach that all of these religions are equally valid.  Additionally, teachers, including those in private Christian schools, are forbidden from expressing their own personal religious views.  In other words, private Christian schools are not allowed to teach Christianity as the only way to salvation as Jesus clearly taught.

Loyola High School in Quebec is run the Roman Catholic order of Jesuits founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola.  They adhere to the strict teachings of the Catholic Church.  Gerald Chipeur, Q.C., is a Canadian attorney with the Miller Thompson LLP law firm.  Chipeur is working in conjunction with the Alliance Defending Freedom group who has filed a brief with the Supreme Court of Canada in defense of Loyola High School.

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What I found surprising is that the high school is not challenging the legality of the law, but is asking for modifications to the law.  They do not object to teaching their students about other religions, but they do object to not being allowed to teach Catholic faith is more valid than all of the other religions.  ADF Senior Counsel Brett Harvey explained:

“This school does not object to educating students about the diversity of faiths and what makes each faith distinctive, but the government should not require a Catholic school to tell its students that the Catholic faith is no more valid than a myriad of conflicting faith traditions.  All faith-based institutions must be free to speak and act consistently with their faith.”

The brief filed by ADF states:

“The motivation for the ministerial decision is clear and obvious. It is the same motivation that drives any jurisdiction to enact anti-blasphemy laws: the protection of religion. The protection of religion is a laudable objective, if done right. Unfortunately for Loyola, it was done wrong in this case and has led to limits on the religious speech of Loyola staff and students simply because the speech is religious.”

“Unfortunately for Quebec, the ministerial decision places the government of Quebec with governments in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan, where Catholics daily face limitations on what they can say for fear of being charged with the violation of anti-blasphemy laws.”

“An unconstitutional purpose renders a government action of no force or effect, without the need for further analysis or inquiry.”

“A previous court decision said the guarantee of freedom of conscience and religion ‘prevents the government from compelling individuals to perform or abstain from performing otherwise harmless acts because of the religious significance of those acts to others.’”

“The most important consideration in this appeal is the nature of a religious school. That nature precludes teachers and administrators from abandoning their faith for one class or one hour during the school day, without fundamentally changing the character of the school.”

“In nations of the world where blasphemy laws are enforced, human rights rarely receive protection. Blasphemy laws are not the hallmark of a free and democratic society. However, there is no other way to describe the ministerial decision. The assessment upon which the ministerial decision was based insisted upon a program that did not include any opinion from teachers on the subject of religion. Blasphemy laws are characterized by their prohibition against religion opinions offensive to the government of the day.”

If you think this just applies with Canada, you’re wrong.  The Home School Legal Defense Association says what happens with this lawsuit will effect what parents will or will not be allowed to teach their kids at home in Canada and eventually the US.

Obama has been on a war against Christians, private and homeschooling in America and if Loyola High School loses their case before the Canadian Supreme Court, I see Obama making another executive order echoing Quebec’s anti-Christian school policy.  However, there will be one exemption from his order and that will be to Islamic schools that will not be compelled to comply.  Obama will protect his own.

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