Christian Singer Teaches Girls That Modest Is Hottest

It breaks my heart to see so many teenage girls who profess to be Christian and yet dress in a manner as if they were advertising their bodies to the boys.  I’ve even seen some young ladies that dress very immodestly attending churches that accept a more casual dress for worship.

When you talk to these girls, they tell you it’s how everyone dresses and that if you don’t dress like that then you become a social outcast and the subject of ridicule.  I’ve even heard them say that there is nothing wrong with the way they dress, not realizing how desensitized they have become to the ways of the world.

Several years ago, I was reading about baseball great Albert Pujols and his wife Deidre.  Being an active Christian, she found the way teenage girls dressed at baseball games to be very alarming.  To reach these girls, she had a number of baseball cards made up that had Albert’s photo on one side and a Christian message about modesty on the other. When she attended ball games and saw girls dressed immodestly, she would approach, introduce herself as Pujols’ wife and would give the girls one of her baseball cards and try to explain to them how their attire affected boys and what ideas it gave them.  Deidre believes that her message managed to reach some of the girls, but knew it often fell upon deaf ears.

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Now, a popular Christian signer has decided to take action to help teach young ladies to dress more modest and to keep themselves pure.  Jaime Jamgochian has launched a ministry called Modest is Hottest.  She became a Christian at age 21, soon developed a burden for girls and decided to do something to reach them.  Jamgochian speaks to as many teen girl and women’s events as possible sharing her message of purity and modesty.

She recognizes that young girls, teenagers and even young twenty somethings are flooded with what society, Hollywood and the media set the trend of how the girls should look, which is often immodest and sexually provocative.  Most of the stores that cater to teens also push the attire of the world, making it very difficult and often unpopular to dress more modestly and proper.  She explains,

“We forget that God calls us to a higher standard, a standard of purity and holiness and really being set apart.  Now, I don’t think that means wearing skirts to our ankles and turtlenecks, but I do think that it’s making sure that we are dressing in a way that is decent, doesn’t cause men to stumble in any way and really reflects who God is in us. If Christ lives within us, then we want to do everything to reflect that glory.”

Speaking on her website, Jamgochian says,

“I’ve always felt a burden for teenage girls.  I feel like there’s always more to it when a girl is dressed inappropriately than I just want to look cute.  The doors just kept opening to talk about this issue and encourage woman.”

“The biggest thing God did when I got saved was restore hope in a lot of areas. I was searching for hope in all the wrong places, in temporary things—relationships, body image and success.  When I met Christ, I experienced & continue to experience true hope. I pray that is what teen girls & women find when they listen to my music or attend an event.”

If our young ladies learn to dress appropriately in a God honoring way, they will learn that it will also help improve their self-image.  They need to learn that clothes do not make the person, but that our relationship with God makes us who we are.

Additionally, I pray that they learn that the most important gift they can give their husbands is their virgin purity.  I’ve heard some young ladies say that it’s impossible not to have sex before marriage as all of the boys expect it.  Let me tell you that is one of the biggest lies of our society.  My wife had saved herself for marriage and so did my oldest daughter.  In fact, my oldest daughter made no bones about telling guys she dated that this was set in stone.  She was 32 years old when she got married and her husband thanked us for raising such a godly woman who had saved herself for marriage.

My advice to teen girls is that if a boy you are dating won’t take no for an answer and keeps pushing you to have sex before marriage, you need to realize that he does not respect you and your beliefs.  If he does not respect you before marriage, he definitely is not going to respect you after marriage.  Additionally, if the boy won’t wait until marriage to have sex, then he doesn’t respect marriage either, meaning that there is a greater chance of him having an extramarital affair once he does get married.

I hope and pray that Jamie Jamgochian and her ministry Modest is Hottest will be well received and highly effective in reaching young ladies with her message of purity and modesty.

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