Christian Women Fighting ISIS for Children’s Future and Their Faith

As a Christian, what would you do to protect your children and give them a future? Would you be willing to take up arms against a ruthless enemy vowing to kill you and your children or would you remain home in your comfort and leave the fight for others?

Your carnal self will tell you to stay with your children in the comfort of your home and probably most mothers would. But a growing number of Christian mothers are leaving their children at home in the care of others and taking up arms to fight for their safety and future, knowing full well that they could die in battle any day.

Whenever we hear mention of Syria, we think about ISIS or the dictatorial regime of Assad, but few think about Christians that make up about 15% of the nation’s population. Numbering about 180,000 among a population of 1.2 million, mostly Islamic people, Syria’s Christians are starting to take up arms in greater numbers to fight ISIS.

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Among them are a growing number of women, many of them wives and mothers that are undergoing rigorous training and entering the battle against ISIS. One of those mothers is Babylonia, whose husband is also a fighter. At the urging of her husband, Babylonia has completed her training and is a member of a 50 woman battalion of Syriac women from the Hasakeh province in Syria calling themselves the Female Protection Forces of the Land Between the Two Rivers. She leaves behind nine year old Limar and six year old Gabriella, telling them that she is fighting for their future.

Babylonia’s battalion is not the only group of women that have joined the battle against ISIS. Others in the area have also been formed and they are fighting alongside the men. So far Syria’s Christian fighters, men and women, have captured around 200 villages from ISIS forces in the area between the Tigris and Euphrates, including the key village of Al-Hol that lies on the route between ISIS controlled areas in Syria and Iraq.

When asked by a reporter why she is fighting, Babylonia said:

“I’m a practising Christian and thinking about my children makes me stronger and more determined in my fight against Daesh.” [Daesh is Arabic acronym for IS – Islamic State.]

Another member of the Christian female militia is 18 year old Lucia who left her studies to join her sister in the fight against ISIS. She has been training with a Russian made Kalashnikov rifle. [On a side note, the Kalashnikov is officially known in Russian as the Avtomat Kalashnikov or Kalashnikov’s Automatic Gun referring to the original design of Mikhail Kalachnikov. This is where we get the designation AK, such as an AK-47 from.]

When interviewed, Lucia said:

“I took part in a battle for the first time in the Al-Hol area, but my team wasn’t attacked by IS.”

“I fight with a Kalashnikov, but I’m not ready to become an elite sniper yet.”

Another 18 year old Christian female militia member is Ormia, who reported:

“I was afraid of the noise of cannons firing, but the fear quickly went away.”

“I would love to be on the front line in the fight against the terrorists.”

Many of the other women that have joined the Christina militia echo the statements made by these three brave fighters. They say that are not afraid of Daesh (ISIS) and vow to do their part in fighting back against the terrorists.

It’s hard for us here in America, living in our comfortable homes to comprehend what Syria’s Christians are going through. To begin with, they are oppressed by the majority Muslim population around them. Now they are targets of Islamic extremists who have vowed to kill every Christian in the world. Their lives and their children’s lives and futures are at stake. Unlike many wishy-washy Christians here in America who just sit at home and complain about our country, these women are living their faith and risking their lives for their Christian faith.

How many of you, men and women here in America have a strong enough Christian faith to take up arms and fight against those who vowed to destroy you?

Whether you realize it or not, that’s exactly what’s happening here in America but in a different more subtle way. Liberals, socialists, atheists and gay rights activists have all been working to destroy Christian America. They’ve been perverting the laws to take away our rights to live a Christian life and most of us have just sat at home and complained, doing little to nothing to fight for our faith.

What will it take to get America’s Christians to get up off their butts and take action to stop the increasing attacks of our enemies here at home? If 10% to 20% of America’s Christians stood up for our faith and rights, we would not be in the dire condition we are now. Gay activists have made their abominable perverted lifestyles legal because the majority of Christians sat and home and complained without doing a thing to stop it. God, Jesus, the Bible and Christianity in general have been removed from public schools and government affairs because the majority of America’s Christians sat at home and just complained without doing a thing to stop it.

Why has America fallen so far from our Christian foundation? It’s because America’s Christians allowed it to happen by doing nothing to stop it.

Be like Syrian Christians and take action to fight against the persecution here in our country. You don’t have to take to guns, but to being active in your communities, politics and either run for office or support other Christians who will run for office. Get active in our town council meetings and public schools. Get others to get active and join the fight for our Christianity here in America before we lose it completely. Be willing to sacrifice for the cause, like Babylonia, Lucia, Ormia and their fellow Christian fighters. Christ sacrificed for us, now it’s our turn to sacrifice for Him!

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