Are Christians To Blame For Today’s America?

When I look at America today and see the mess it’s in, I can’t help but blame Christians and not the liberals.  Yes, you may be shocked and outraged by my statement, but allow me to explain.

Ever since the 1960s when the Supreme Court started ruling against God, the Bible, prayer, Jesus and anything Christian, too many Christians removed themselves from doing anything to stop or reverse what was happening.  Politics is known as a dirty profession and many Christians believed that no Christian should get involved in politics because of it.  Others mistook the biblical teaching of not being part of this world.  They have the attitude that God is in control and He’ll work everything out.

That folks, is a Christian cop out that really says that Christians are too lazy or too afraid to stand up in the world and make a difference.  Let me ask you this, if Moses had the attitude that God was in charge and He would work everything out, he wouldn’t have faced the possibility of death by confronting Pharaoh and Jews would still be slaves in Egypt.  If Joshua had that same attitude, he never would have led the armies that conquered the Promise Land for God’s people.

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You could go through the entire Bible and find instance after instance where someone could have not taken the action that God wanted them to take, by saying, He’s in control and everything will work out.

Better yet, what about our Founding Fathers?  What if they had taken the attitude that God will deal with the British because He’s in control and will work everything out?  Had they had the attitude of many of today’s Christians, we would still be singing God Save the Queen, our flag would have a union jack in place of the stars, we would be driving on the wrong side of the road and our money would make no sense whatsoever.

In the 2012 election, I can’t tell you how many Christians told me that they weren’t voting because they could not endorse Romney because he’s a Mormon or Obama because he’s, well, I can’t say he’s a Muslim, but he seems to act more like one than he does a Christian.  Other Christians say that we are not be part of the world and that since God is in control, it doesn’t matter how they vote.  If several million other Christians refused to vote for the same reasons, then they very well could be responsible for allowing Obama to be re-elected and continue his attack on Christianity.

It galled me to hear them say they weren’t going to vote, knowing that millions of Christians have died and been wounded winning and protecting the right to vote.  They fail to understand that they not only have the right to vote, but they have an obligation to vote.  By not exercising that obligation they could be ignoring God giving them the opportunity to do something to make a difference in our nation.

Christians also fail to understand that if they withdraw from trying to make a difference, that it leaves the leadership of our nation to the anti-Christian liberals who are now about to destroy America.  Christians’ inactions allowed others to take action and change the face of our nation.  Christian silence has allowed the anti-Christian liberals to speak and they have taken full advantage of the silence.  As long as Christians remain silent, we will continue to see our nation go down the proverbial toilet.

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