Christians Weren’t Forced to Close Bakery, They Chose to Close to Avoid Serving Gay Weddings

A year ago it was reported that Aaron and Melissa Klein were forced to close their bakery, Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, Oregon, but they are revealing now that they weren’t forced to close their business down.

The Kleins are Christians and have desired to not only live by their faith but operate their business by it as well. Then a lesbian couple entered the bakery and asked if Melissa would do a cake for their wedding. While they will sell their cakes to anyone, they turned down the request because they believed that participating in a same-sex wedding was against their Christian faith, which it is.

Instead of being as tolerant as they ask others to be, the lesbian couple refused to accept that their wedding was offensive to the Kleins so they turned to the state and filed a complaint of discrimination against the bakery.

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In the ensuing months, homosexuals from all over the area, state and nation began a campaign of harassment against the Kleins for being so intolerant. Eventually they closed the doors to their bakery and it was reported that the lesbians won again and forced Christians out of business.

Speaking recently at a Values Voter Summit, the Kleins said that they were not forced to close the doors to their bakery. Instead, they decided to close in order to avoid being forced to participate in homosexual ceremonies against their faith. They are still fighting the lawsuit filed by the state which could end up costing them at least $150,000.

The emotions are still raw for Melissa who poured herself completely into providing the perfect wedding cake for couples and felt it an honor to be part of something so special. Tears began to flow as she described her process to the summit audience, saying:

“For me personally, when I would sit down with them, I just would want to know everything about her wedding. I’d want to know about the flowers, her dress, the centerpieces, her colors, the way her hair is going to be. I would even want to talk about ‘where are you going on your honeymoon?'”

However, the doors to the bakery in Gresham may be closed, but Melissa has not stopped baking and creating her special cakes. She works from home out of her kitchen and takes orders online. Sacrificing the mainstay of her business and family income was worth it to them in order to be faithful to the Bible and their Christian faith.

How many of you would be willing to make such a sacrifice for your Christian faith? If given the choice to comply with anti-Christian policies and demands or lose your job and income, what choice would you really make? It’s easy to say you would choose Christ and the Bible, but it’s another thing when it becomes real.

Stephen in the New Testament was told to renounce his faith or be stoned to death. Can you imagine how painful that must be, but Stephen chose that horrible death rather than betray his Savior.

Meriam Ibrahim was arrested in Sudan and sentenced to die if she didn’t recant her Christian faith. She was pregnant at the time with her second child, but she knew that to save her life now meant losing her life for all eternity and she refused to recant and convert to Islam. Only after a great deal of world pressure and diplomatic maneuvering was Ibrahim finally released and is now free here in the US. But she was willing to face a certain death sentence rather than defy her Savior.

Are you that strong? Is your faith that strong? If not, then you need to ask yourself if you really are a Christian. Christ died for you and if necessary He expects you to die for Him. Think and pray about it.

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