Christie’s an Amateur Tyrant Next to Corrupt Obama

The media’s wall-to-wall coverage of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s revenge-by-traffic scandal is just the latest squirrel hunt to distract the nation from focusing on the many scandals and failures of its president.

The media would have you believe that Christie’s abuse of power in closing lanes of traffic to pay back a Democratic mayor who didn’t endorse him is the greatest scandal to come down the pike in ages.

The media would have you believe that Christie was a GOP frontrunner for president and that his bridge fiasco has destroyed the Republican Party.

First, the Republican Party leadership’s declaration of war on the Tea Party and conservative values in general is what has devastated the GOP.

Second, Christie is only a presidential frontrunner in the minds of the Left-Wing media. He is their Republican candidate, not the candidate of the GOP rank-and-file.

Third, Christie lost credibility with Republican voters when he embraced President Obama and threw Mitt Romney under the bus in the last presidential election.

Fourth, while it’s true Christie is an arrogant jerk and the bridge scandal was an example of his extreme pettiness, by comparison to Mr. Obama, Christie is a neophyte in the ways of corruption.

Shall we start with a discussion of Obamacare? The law was negotiated behind closed doors, without Republican input, rushed through in the dead of night on Christmas Eve, passed before it was even completely written. Then the vast computer system and web network needed to make it work was given in a no-bid contract to a company run by one of Michelle Obama’s college friends, costing hundreds of millions of dollars, and it still doesn’t work properly.

Then maybe we can talk about the economy. Those magically delicious unemployment rate figures look good — 6.7 percent in December — until you scrutinize the Bureau of Labor Statistics information and realize that the plummeting percentage occurred because half a million people dropped out of the labor force just last month. The low number of new jobs, 74,000, and the worst labor participation rate in three decades were so bad even MSNBC couldn’t spin them.

We could talk about the IRS scandal — another case of a petty tyrant using his political influence to intimidate his foes, and much more chilling in its implications than any traffic jam because of the violation of constitutional rights of American citizens by a sitting president. Not only has an Obama loyalist been appointed to lead the Department of Justice investigation, but the FBI has decided now it only wants to investigate a handful of the dozens of cases where conservatives were systematically targeted. Now, several of the groups suing the Administration have reported being contacted and interrogated by people posing as FBI agents. The plaintiffs’ attorneys are trying to determine who those phony agents really are.

How about foreign policy? Our president has coddled our enemies and distanced us from our friends. He has spent years fomenting turmoil in Syria, has reached a secret accommodation that will let Iran build nuclear weapons, sided with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya, has handed Afghanistan back to terrorists, and surrendered every gain we made in Iraq to al-Qaida.

Then there’s the lingering matter of Benghazi, which should put the president out of office, if not behind bars, and end the presidential ambitions of Hillary clinton. The State Department, only a year and four months later, has finally admitted that a terrorist group, Ansar al-Sharia, was involved. Even now, State is hiding Ansar al-Sharia’s connections to al-Qaida and the fact that in Libya, we were partnering with some of the same people we had fought in Iraq, so that Obama could illegally smuggle arms and mercenaries into Syria.

If the media devoted even a tenth of the resources and air time to covering the truth about Obama’s presidency as they are doing to Christie’s bridge fiasco, there would be mobs outside the White House clamoring for Obama’s resignation.